Weekend Project -Tailored Camera Bag

I love my camera and though I have it for almost 5 years, already, I somehow did not make it to sew a proper bag! I even have had a file folder for a long time already, in which I, now and then, saved camera bag pictures, that I liked and found on the internet. 
So this weekend I spend my time looking at those and made up my mind, which kind of bag I liked best. And tadaaa here it is!

The idea for this camera bag is from a blog I found not long ago. Unfortunately, I cannot remember which blog it was (a point to save pictures with html sources!). So if anybody would like to be linked properly, please let me know!
There were no instructions, but I think that a pattern has to be customized, anyway, due to varying camera measurements. I loved how cute it looked and used a Kokka fabric, that I have had in my stash for a long time. It opens on the back and can be closed by using two buttons on the sides and two pushbuttons on the top.

P.S.: Found the inspiration source! Thanks Renaade for your help and inspiration! :D


  1. Auf den ersten Blick schaut die Tasche wie ein "Kameraplüschtier" aus, total süß. Ich überleg auch schon seit nem Jahr wie ich meine am Besten verpacke. Welches Vlies hast du zum Füttern verwendet?

  2. ich muss Letty recht geben, sieht auf den ersten Blick wirklich wie ein Plüschtier aus!
    Total knuffig!!

  3. @Letty
    Hihi, danke dir Letty. Ich habe Volumenvlies mittleren Volumens benutzt. An manchen Stellen, habe ich das Vlies 2-3 Mal unterlegt, weil die Kamera an der Vorderseite nicht eben ist (habe sozusagen die Löcher ausgestopft). Wenn ich diese Tasche nochmal machen würde, würd ich allerdings aufbügelbares Volumenvlies nehmen.

  4. @MeikeVanessa
    hahaha...ihr macht mich fertig! ;)

  5. How cute the case is and how lucky your camera is! He has a tailored jacket:) Kokka fabric is one of my fav too!
    Obviously you had such a creative weekend!! Yay!

  6. How lovely! It's so hard to find a girly camera bag. They are always black and boring. I think the most exciting one I saw when I was shopping was safari/National Geographic-y. (And really pricey....)

  7. Auf dem Vorschaubild bei Burdastyle sah die Tasche wirklich wie ein Plüschtier aus! :D Wirklich süß, toller Stoff.
    Ich hab mir selbst auch vor kurzem überlegt eine Kameratasche zu nähen, habe dann aber einfach gepolsterte Beutel für Kamera und Objektive genäht. Lassen sich so einfacher in der Tasche mitnehmen. :)

    Deinen Blog werde ich ab jetzt wohl öfter mal besuchen... :D

  8. This is amazing! Looks like it was quite complicated to make, non?

  9. This was a great idea!!! I just can't believe how cute it is! :))

  10. @Jenny
    Danke, Jenny. Ja, Beutelchen sind natürlich auch immer praktisch! :) Da ich aber eh nur ein Objektiv besitze, hat sich diese Modell einfach angeboten. Freue mich, wenn du ab und zu vorbeischaust! :)

  11. @Tilly
    Oh, I thought like this at the beginning, too. But it was not quite that difficult! I started with the object lens. After having sown that piece I made the pattern pieces one after the other to the back of the camera. You could definitely do that! :)

  12. Hallo liebe Nette!
    Ohhh, das ist aber ein hübsches Täschchen!!!

    Hast Du die Kameratasche vielleicht bei mir gesehen?


    Na, egal wo sie her ist - sie sieht toll aus!!!

    Einen lieben Gruß,

  13. Wow, it looks great. Well done, clever lady. I wish I could sew just the same for my camera. Have a good weekend! Kisses from Paris xx

  14. Okay, this is just wonderful! I haven't even got a camera bag, and I should really have one... I would have added straps though, so I could carry it around looking all cool with my cute little camera... this is cute! Saved it to my inspiration folder, I hope you wont mind ;) At least it says "Nette" so I can remember where I got it from.

  15. Could you pretty please do a tutorial on how to make one. I've been wanting to make on for forever!

    Wearing It On My Sleeves


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