Little feature on Tali from Tel Aviv

Oh, it is sunday evening again and the next week already waits to get started. Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Today I would like to share with you a wonderful shop that I found on etsy. Its name is Tush Tush Shop and it is run by lovely and super nice Tali, who is a recent graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Art & Design.

I have had some of her pastel works listed under my 'favorites' for a long time already, but it was just this week that I decided, why not ask her to portrait me? Maybe it is a little strange to let someone portrait oneself, but I thought the portrait might also be nice to use as an icon for all those online social communities.

And voilà! Here it is already! She really worked very fast and I love the outcome. She used pastels on packaging paper. You might recognize that the photo, I send her, was the one from the last post. I thought it to be nice because I have my grandma's fabric on it.

Anyway, I think her work also makes very nice presents for special occasions. She makes private portraits of more than one person, too. 
See some of her works that I liked best and have a good start into a new week!

Sarah by tushtush
The Dancer by tushtush
Seaman by tushtush
Life by tushtush


  1. Beautiful drawings.
    How much does a custom portrait cost?

  2. Thanks for sharing. She did a lovely portrait of you. Also wanted to say I enjoyed reading your previous post about your grandmother. How special to wear your new blouse with loving thoughts of her.

  3. @Nlitvak

    I think so, too! :) A custom portrait of 1-2 persons is 50$. You can visit her shop there you will find more information.

  4. @MushyWear

    Thank you to Hawaii for sharing these memories with me! :)

  5. Oh these are beautiful work! You're right, using the portrait as your profile picture is neat!! I love the idea! Her art is king of nostalgic and classic which I so admire!

    Happy Valentine's Day, Annette!! Have a sweet day!

  6. @Ophelia.K
    Yeah, her work definitely has this nostalgic feeling! Maybe that is why, I wanted her to paint just this photo! :)

    Wishing you a happy Valentine's Day, too! Have a lovely day with your husband!


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