Inspired by la môme caoutchouc

I guess most of you know the movie 'Amélie' by Jean-Pierre Jeunet. I loved it, well actually, I still love it though I have seen it already too many times. I was a little surprised as I just noticed that it is from 2001. Time really passes by so fast...!

Anyway, I got Jeunet's new movie 'Micmacs' as a christmas present from one of my best friends. I can only recommend this one to you. If you already liked the fabulous pictures, sceneries and music in 'Amélie', you will definitely love this one, too (see the trailer at the end of this post for more information about the story).

Inspired by the fantastical môme caoutchouc, that is the elastic woman (Julie Ferrier) in 'Micmacs', I made these high waisted black velvet shorts with suspenders. I loved how cute they looked, though I definitely cannot twist my body in that way (that is also why I did not need to use elastic fabric)! :)

Ok, I have to admit, that all I need now is an occasion to wear this outfit. Any suggestions? :)

from vincenttorquato on Vimeo.


  1. waaaaah, bombe!!
    du siehst wieder so schön aus auf den fotos!
    (und die bluse ist auch sehr sehr schön!!)

    ich finde, der liebe fred sollte dich in diesem outfit mal so richtig nett ausführen, mit leckrem essen in einem stimmigen ambiente ;) da soll er mal kreativ werden, wenn er schon so eine stylische freundin hat :-*

  2. Adorable little shorts! I love them a lot!
    Amelie is one of my favourite films (although I only discovered it 2 years ago), I must watch the new one :)

    And an occasion...throw a tea party!

  3. @MeikeVanessa

    Danke liebste Meike! :) Hoffentlich liest der Frederik das auch! hihi
    Die Bluse ist übrigens noch aus meiner Zeit bei H&M. Krass ne!?

  4. @iroirocrafts
    I am sure you are going to like it! Thanks for your comment! I will definitely think about a tea party! :)

  5. i suggest: any time you want! this is darling!!!

  6. Beautiful and cute outfit! the tights are fantastic,perfect styling. Maybe not very suitable for a job interview as a bank manager but perfectly OK for a job in fashion.

  7. Great shorts and the movie looks great! I loved everything I´ve seen by Jeunet! Looking forward to this one... :)

  8. So cute! I think that if you wear them with dark tights and boots they are wearable for everyday!

  9. wow, die hose ist unglaublich schön und passt ganz wunderbar zu dir!! ich finde ebenfalls, dass es kombinationsmöglichkeiten mit denen du sie auch im alltag tragen kannst...wäre doch zu schade, wenn sie die meiste zeit im schrank versteckt wird!^^ und d'ailleurs, du siehst sehr hübsch auf den fotos aus! :*

  10. I love them! Your whole outfit is so adorable. Who needs an occasion, just wear it!

  11. Love your whole outfit a lot! The shorts is well made, and I am sure it will look great with a bolero too!
    The movie is now on my list!!

    I am so looking forward to receiving the pretzel!! Thank you!

  12. @janul
    Please let me know if you saw it! I am curious to read how you liked it! :)

  13. @Sarah
    Ja, ich weiß...da hängen auch schon so viele Sachen einfach nur rum! ;) Danke dir Liebes!!! Bald bist du dran! :D

  14. love love love these! now i must have a little high-waisted shorts set!

  15. the whole outfit is really very stunning.

  16. Okay I want a tutorial for this too...

    Wearing It On My Sleeves


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