Feeling nostalgic ♥

The last few days I was feeling very nostalgic. I found this wonderful dotted light weight fabric in my mother's fabric stash and got to know, that it was once bought by my beloved Taiwanese grandmother who died some years ago. 

I fell in love with it at once and knew immediately, that it would become a simple loose blouse. I only added some ruffles on the front and cuffs on the sleeves. I love that wearing it feels like having gotten a belated present from my grandmother.

But I have to admit, that I haven't had so much fear  for making mistakes while cutting or sewing, ever (knowing I would not have the chance to buy some more). This fabric was only about 70cm wide, but fortunately about 2.2 m long.

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I think this blouse can be well combined with my self-made pantalon alfred. This might be my first self-made outfit! :)

Anyway, to get back to my Taiwanese grandmother. Actually, my mother and I owe to her all our passion and knowledge about sewing. She was a really hard working wife and mother of 7 children.

As I was able to return to Taiwan every summer vacation, I got to see her, at least once a year. We could not talk to each other because she only spoke Taiwanese dialect (in her childhood girls did not enter school) and I am only able to speak Mandarin, but somehow we were always able to communicate. 
She used to call me Aneto...hahaha...I will never forget that and she always wanted me to eat more of her delicious food! Oh, I miss her...

Hope this was not too much nostalgia, but I just wanted to write down some of my memories. Thanks for reading them. ♥

P.S.: And thanks for those lots of tea suggestions!!!

Dedicated to my beloved grandmother


  1. What a lovely post, it's so nice to read about fabric with a history. I really like the blouse you've made too, the ruffles are so cute. Did you use a pattern?

    xx carly

  2. @carlycrafts
    Thank you! :) Actually, I made this blouse by copying a simple Tshirt's bodice. It was not quite that difficult because of its loose fit. ;)

  3. Was für eine schöne Idee, den Stoff von deiner Oma zu nehmen :) sieht sehr schön aus!!
    Ein bisschen Nostalgie kann nie schaden, und ich finde es immer wichtig, seine Familie in Ehren zu halten <3

  4. Such a sweet story to share about your granny... I'm sorry she's not with you anymore, but this shirt is adorable and it's a great way to cherish her memory. I understand what it means to be scared to cut fabrics we are attached to, but you definitely did a great job. I'm also running to read your old post about the pants because they are so nice!

  5. Great to see your family and history of the fabric. Your grandma must be smiling now:) The fabric and the design of this top is just perfect on you!
    I was just thinking to make myself a trousers, so this post is a full of inspiration! Danke!

  6. Oh, this is such a lovely story, and it seems a lot of us who sew nowadays owes the passion for it to our mothers and grandmothers.

    Your blouse is lovely!

  7. Thank you girls for sharing these precious memories with me! That really meant a lot to me! :)

  8. Your grandmother was so pretty!

  9. Love your pants, do you have trouble with the fitting. I am so petite and it's hard to find pants that fit in store. love your grandma's vintage photo, she is very pretty :)


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