Confession of a tea addict

silver tea cups from 1910, made in Seattle, by Foxtongue
Today I would like to post about one of my greatest addiction being tea!

I admit, that I drink about 1 litre of Taiwanese Oolong, 2 cups of Lemon Verbena and 2 cups of Ceylon Tea, when I am studying at home.
Kind of unbelievable, but I just love tea!

Anyway, I got to know that I might not be the only tea addict and found lots of wonderful tea-related things on the internet, that I wanted to share.
And besides, if you do not mind, I would like to know what your favorite tea is? Maybe I should give a try for a new one!

I found this wonderful ring of ASOS looking like a real tea cup! Isn't it adorable, to say the least! All the details in gold and pastel rose make me love it. I am really thinking about getting one for myself.

Then, of course you can find those 'Keep Calm and...' posters everywhere like in this etsy shop. I think this might become my mantra in times studying becomes kind of hard. A cup of tea always lifts me up.

Then a really good song about tea by Kula Shaker. I love it and the whole story it tells. The video is just so much fun.

And last but not least a DIY Teacup Pincushion by BurdaStyle member marykej. If I wouldn't have too many pincushions, I would definitely make one, too. Maybe I will make one anyway! ;)

Now, have nice cup of tea! Wishing everybody a wonderful and creative weekend!


  1. I have a friend who makes absolutely adorable pincushions out of old silver tea spoons. :) Those would go greatly with the cup.
    I'm more of a coffee person. But I love green tea and white tea. And Yogi tea liqorice is a long time favourite http://www.yogitea.eu/en/

  2. I also very much tea person. I drink Oolong and green tea with pieces of fruits. Sometimes I drink mate, I also have these special accessories like Calabas&Bombilla (http://www.coffeeandtealovers.co.nz/product-details.aspx?p=32059&Category=2154&pageno=0&view=1). Now I am going to drink tea! :)

  3. Kettle is on! I'm trying to wean myself off coffee so always good to get tea tips. I like lady grey and green tea with orange and lotus flower, but when I've had enough caffeine my absolute favourite is a blend of cinnamon, cardamon and ginger by Pukka Teas. It's warming, comforting and reviving all at the same time. Mmm...

  4. those silver cups are gorgeous..

    i go through phases with coffee and tea, because the hubs makes the most amazing espresso and i can't stay away! but, i'm also lucky to have the most delicious tea shop in town close by. my favorite is their loose leaf blend of rose petal, lemongrass and black tea. their website says they're starting online shopping soon if you want to look out for them: http://www.radiancetea.com/tea_menu.html

    and i love chai made with coconut milk. harney & sons has a good blend but i'm looking for a better one!

  5. I love that teacup pincushion idea! I might have to make one for myself!

    My favourite teas are Earl Grey, white tea, a loose-leaf Christmas tea that has dried orange peel and cinnamon in it (yum), and for herbal teas I will only drink peppermint or rooibois (red tea). I don't care for most other herbal teas b/c I find them too flowery tasting. My ancestry is mostly British so I think I come by my love of tea honestly! :)

  6. I wished I liked tea but I´m more of a morning cafe latte drinker. I did drink cranberry tea on the last week of my pregnancy as I was told it would help me go into labour... not sure if it´s true though.

  7. Ahhh Im such a tea addict, so I can completely relate. I drink about a pot of tea a day, sometimes two or three. Theres nothing better than spending the day cuddled up on the couch with a blanket and a hot cup of tea. My favourite is Earl Grey -I just like the taste of dark teas. If you haven't already tried "Mango Passionfruit Acai Green Tea", then you should. Its so yummy, tastes like candy. Definitely not an everyday kind of tea, but for those days when you crave something sweet, its perfect.

  8. Wow, you drink really lots of tea per day:0 I drink a cup of coffee in the morning, a cup of tea in the afternoon, and as you told me, I drink lemon verbena at night;) Do you know Lupicia? I really like the tea shop. Probably you found it while you lived here. They have seasonal flavor tea which I really love:) Peach oolong tea is on my list right now:)http://www.lupicia.com/html/ja/item/001/016/item15929.html

  9. I'm addicted to tea too. I usually make PG Tips for breakfast and tea time with my grandma, but I also love to drink jasmine green tea.

  10. I live in quite a cold place so tea is great for warming me up. I drink at least two cups of green tea a day and I also love cinnamon and orange tea.
    I also drink more when I'm at home studying... What do you study?
    I wish you a great weekend as well!

  11. that's a lot of tea!!!
    you should check 'tea lovers roundup' from Mrs. Muffin: http://muffinsnmore.blogspot.com/search/label/Tea-Lovers%27%20Roundup
    And my crochet tea set:

  12. I have at least a cup of tea every single day. :) I usually drink the "normal" lemon tea, but sometimes just a random blend of fruits! My favorite is definitely green tea, yum yum, but it only tastes good if I add a tad too much sugar...

    And tea with milk can be wonderful. Truly wonderful.

    Hi, my name is Astrid, and I'm a tea addict.

  13. @Gufi
    Thanks for the hint! I will definitely try Yogi tea! :) Do you perhaps have a photo of your friend's tea spoon pincushions? I am really curious about them!

  14. @Zanda
    wow, these calabas&bombilla look so nice. i will have to get to know more about mate! thanks for sharing with me! :)

  15. @Tilly
    haha, hope you had a nice cup of tea! :) a blend of cinnamon, cardamon and ginger really sounds interesting, i will have to go to our local tea shop and see if they can get it for me! thanks for sharing!

  16. @.......
    oh! chai with coconut milk sounds so delicious! please, let me know if you found a pleasant one! :)

  17. @caramia-ill
    though i am not british, i am definitely more into herbal teas aswell! white tea is one of my favorites aswell! ;)

  18. @la inglesita
    hihi, i will keep your advice in mind! ;)

  19. @Nlitvak
    i love mango! :) though i am more the herbal type of tea drinker, i would love to try that one!

  20. @Ophelia.K
    i am so glad, you like lemon verbena! thanks also for that link, unfortunately, i did not know about that shop when i was in japan! hopefully, i am able to taste it in future! ;)

  21. @Astrid
    hahaha, hi astrid and welcome to our group! ;)...tea with milk truly is wonderful!

  22. @Natasha Jane
    tea time with grandma truly sounds lovely! :)

  23. Haha, I love that video! We drink a lot of tea too... I love pu erh, yasmin tea... sadly mu husband was very ill lately and had to drink ginger "tea" all the time...

  24. Aww, those silver cups are pretty! I wonder what it's like, drinking tea from silver cups? Wouldn't they get hot? I presume silver is a good heat conductor - it certainly is a good electricity conductor!???

    I love tea, too, but I'm not much of a fancy tea drinker... my favourite is the simple black English variety. Like in England (I hear), drunk from the largest mug I can find. :-) Although I like to drink some "fancier" varieties when I go to a café.
    (I'm not really a coffee person, I only drink coffee with milk... Tea with milk is great, too, but there shouldn't be too much of the milk - in kindergarten, we used to have "milk with tea", and it was probably low fat milk, and tasted awfully.)
    And I love peppermint tea. My sister got some homegrown peppermint from a charity/co-op in Latvia which we kind of support, and that's just wonderful.
    I also love rose hips "tea". I pick wild-growing rose hips in autumn, dry them and make tea out of them. It tastes great with honey.

  25. Hello again! Your comment enter as a 'non-reply' so I couldn't answer you directly trhough gmail: thanks for your visit and your sweet comment. I'm so gald you liked the link!
    By the way, one of my favourites is green tea with lemon, ginseg and honey! Truly delicious!

  26. Thank you so much for featuring my teacup pincushion :) I love you blog and am your newest follower!


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