I was really flattered by the huge response on my father's sewing closet! Thanks to all of you for sharing my luck with me. I have told my father all of your compliments and though he does not show it, I know he feels very proud! :)
Anyway, he is also relieved that he does no longer have to work on it...hihi...

So today's post is a litte miscellaneous. I have so many things to share, so I decided to put them all into this post. I even have some other finished sewing projects, that I haven't posted, yet. Unfortunately, you will have to wait to see them because I had no time to take any more photos, yet.

This is a blouse I finished arround christmas. I used very soft and warm flannel for it. This definitely can keep one warm in the winter. I had some problems with matching the checks on the front and had to recut one side of it to make it work. Luckily, I still had some fabric left. I like the casual woodchopper look of it. A simple everyday wearable blouse.

On the left you see another christmas present of mine. One of my best friends knitted them especially for me! It was her first try on mittens and they came up beautifully!
They are warm and cozy and I love that mustard colored yarn.

On the right you find my little earrings frame.
DIY instructions for this kind of projects can be found all over the internet at the moment. I liked the idea and it was a quick and fun project. All I needed was a frame, some laces, some wool for the hanger and a good strong staple gun.
Luckily, I do not have so many hanging earrings, so I could go with this small frame.

And here a little sneak peek on what I am working on, at the moment. Inspired by all that wood crafting done by my father I wanted to work with wood, too. We had wood construction lessons in school and it was pretty fun.
Then I found a wonderful wood and fabric combining project on Tilly's blog.
A house sewing box! Perfect for all those fabric scraps lying messy all around!

Left you see my construction plan. I am now working on the wood to built the house's base.

Hope, this post was not too miscellaneous, but I really needed to update! Have a wonderful day and take care.


  1. So wie du den Ohrring-Rahmen gemacht hast sieht er aber auch schön aus :) ist ganz ohne Rückwand, oder?

  2. Sweet! I love your blouse a lot. It fits perfect on you. The fit sleeves and the length of the bodice make it very pretty!

    I am going to see my Dad on this weekend, and will show him the pictures:D Wait for my report;)

  3. I love that house! However, it seems a bit small to me... maybe yours will be bigger than the original? Also, the Cath Kidston one could use the space in the roof - I can see it could hold scissors and some other tools, maybe...
    I´m curious about your hair plans :). I´m trying to grow my hair long, and unfortunatelly I´ve developed some dreadlocks :).

  4. I got my first sewing machine for christmas, the best present ever!
    Your blog is so great! I'll be back here for inspiration frequently :D

  5. @ Ophelia K.: Thank you! haha...I will be waiting on your report! ;)

    @ janul: yes, it is quite small and mine won`t be bigger, I guess. you know, I have some problems with space...I don't have any left! so I had to keep it small! ;) but maybe for some fabric scraps that size will be enough.
    hopefully, I will have some time next week to get my hair done! I am a little afraid though. it took so long to let them grow to this length. :)

    @ Helene: I am glad you like my blog! you are welcome to come back any time! and please let me know as soon as you have some sewing projects done! I am curious to see what you are going to make! :) happy sewing!!!


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