A belated christmas present & some 2012 wishes

Belated Christmas Present
Dear lovely readers,
I hope you and your families had a wonderful christmas.

You might have wondered why there were only so few posts in the last couple of weeks?

I have to admit, that I simply lacked any creative sewing ideas or visions. I have read on other fellow sewing blogs, that they have had times like these, too and I can remember that I simply couldn't imagine that something like that might happen to me.

Now I can totally understand, though there isn't even one recognizable reason for this kind of emptiness.

Anyway, I am writing this post today because I think I am under way to get over it! :D

As I went to my favorite local fabric shop, I experienced a wonderful belated christmas! You have to know, that those women working there do know me already because I stop by at least once a week.
They have always been very nice and helpful to me.

But today was special. They were busy with an end of the year clearance and found lots of Burda magazines from 2006, 2008 and 2009! Guess who was the lucky girl allowed to carry home two big bags (26 magazines) with about 13kg!...hahaha, that was me! :D 

Sometimes one is really lucky. Sometimes time and chance simply go together perfectly. With this large boost of inspirational patterns my sewing drought HAS to come to an end! I feel really good about this and it makes me looking forward to the new year.

Have you already made up your New Year's resolutions? Usually, I am not that kind of person, but this year I have some little resolutions I want to write down here in order to push myself heading for them! 

  • Have at least one sewing project per week and publish at least one post per week.
  • To work out on a regular basis. I would love to loose the weight I gained this year.
  • To use time and effort more efficiently.
  • To appreciate time with family and friends more consciously.
 So what about you? Do you have any resolutions you would share with me?


3. Weihnachtswichteln (secret Santa) by anmutig and sodapop - Beautiful gifts by Klee

Some weeks ago I applied for taking part in the 3rd 'Weihnachtswichteln' (secret Santa) carried out by two wonderful German bloggers Caro (sodapop-design) and Nadine (anmutig) and lucky me was chosen as one of 24 bloggers to participate.

The deal was, that everyone should make something handmade and send it to one of the other chosen bloggers until the 10th of December. Nadine and Caro drew the adresses by lot and send them to the participants secretly.

So I didn't know from whom I would receive a little present, but was extremely happy, when a package from Franziska Klee arrived!!!

I have been a secret admirer of hers for a while already. She makes and sells really, really beautiful accessoires like leather bags and woolen winter accessoires and she also shares some nice tutorials (in German). She is a wonderful source for inspiration!
Anyway, I just wanted to share the gifts she sent me. A beautiful little mustard (I LOVE THIS COLOR) colored purse, a super cute owl bucket (perfect for fabric scraps!) and a lovely wooden 'Klee' brooch. These little prezzies simply made my day! Both the bucket and the purse are made of real leather.

Thank you Franzi so so much for these beautifully made items. And thanks to Caro and Nadine for having had me in this lovely secret Santa! Now I am in a christmas mood!


Everyone should have a Minoru Jacket!

So glad to finally publish this project! I have been longing for the Minoru Jacket pattern by Sewaholic for weeks, especially, after I saw what beautiful creations Anna of Paunnet and Novita of VeryPurplePerson as pattern testers came up with!

I chose a camel beige colored linen-cotton blend for my version and am very, very happy with that.

Actually, this was the first time I tried a pattern from Sewaholic and I have to say that I am very pleased with the whole pattern and instructions. Though this jacket scared me at first (zipper on the front, zipper on the collar, hidden hood, lining, lots of topstitching, etc.) the steps were so perfectly well explained, that this jacket almost evolved on its own.

As a little eye-catcher I decided to use a floral cotton as lining fabric, but turned to normal plain lining fabric for the sleeves, in order to make them more slippery when putting the jacket on.

So if you were thinking about whether to try this pattern, too, I can only recommend it. It is definitely a lot of work, but it totally pays off. 

Have a lovely day and take care everybody!


It's done! 'Autumn Love' pattern and instructions

I finally made it. Sorry, for having you wait for so long, but here you are lovely readers. I can proudly present you the pattern and instructions for 'Autumn Love' dress.

I have done my best to be as precise as possible with the instructions. Please keep in mind, that I am by no means a professional pattern maker. In addition I would love you to contact me, if you find any discrepancies and in case you have problems understanding either instructions or pattern.

If you want to play safe, I would recommend you to make a muslin first. This goes without saying in case you want to alter the size. It would be very disappointing to waste fabric you really love.

So get your sewing notions ready. Here are the links for instructions and pattern

Wishing everybody an amazing sunday and if possible please share with me your finished 'Autumn Love', I am dying to see what you will come up with!

P.S.: Thanks to lovely Meike and her dad for scanning the pattern! :)


Walking the pug...

Just a little post to cheer up your week!

Last friday a friend of mine working in Japan was here for a short vacation and brought me one of the cutest books I have ever seen. 

No doubt, I had to try one of those cute little felt animals (none of them larger than 20cm) on sunday evening. It took me about 6 hours handsewing, but today I could already walk my little pug! ;)

Seems like he loves to play in the leaves... :P

...and he is a little scared by flowers...

...no wonder, because he is still so small (7cm)...

...having a little trouble with the sidewalk...

...but never giving up, no matter how long the way is!


Some more corduroy

First of all...Thank you all for the huge response and lovely feedback on my last post's corduroy dress.
Now I know that a pattern & instructions would definitely be appreciated and I can proudly tell you, that I am about to finish those. :) 
Just give me one more week. I need to correct some mistakes, add some graphics and I need to find a place to get my pattern scanned.
Oh, I cannot wait to share it with you and see what you are going to come up with! :D

By the way, in case you post some questions in the comments section, I came up with a new routine. I will try to answer all of those when I am setting up a new post. So if you ask me anything, just wait for a new post to come up and go back to the comments section of the post you asked your question in. Hope this works and I can come back to all of you! :)

So I made myself some shorts last week! Rust-colored corduroy ones. Sorry, for the photos (and sorry for me wearing slippers! I totally forgot to change shoes!). I had no time for better ones during daytime and thus had to make them at home. 

I like the loose and casual fit and the used flair of corduroy on these. The pattern is actually one that I simply copied from corduroy shorts I already had. I liked those so much, that I wanted to have more than one pair.

Did you ever copy a garment you bought? What is your experience with that? Do you have special tricks? Or would you like to know how I do it?

See you soon with a free pattern! Hope you will have a wonderful week ahead.


My autumn love: corduroy

It is autumn dear followers! But luckily, today we are delighted with 19 degrees celsius in Germany! Yaaay! So these days I will try to wear as many of the dresses I have made, before it will turn cold again.

Anyway, here comes one of my latest projects! I fell in love with corduroy this autumn. It is soft, warm and has a shiny deep color! Perfect for a simple everyday casual dress I thought! And this is what I came up with.

It is an easy fit jumper dress with two pockets on the front and a hidden zipper on the back.

You can't see well on the photos, but this dress involved quite some hand stitching. For example, I hand-stitched the pockets in order to avoid top-stitching. I don't like the hair of the corduroy to be pressed by any seams, so the blind stitch was the only solution that came up my mind.

I also added a facing on the top part of this dress (actually, also by hand) to add a little stiffness around the bust.

What do you think of this dress? I have had this model in mind for quite some time already, but couldn't find a pattern for it. That is why I ended up making a muslin (more or less freestyle) and fit it to my body. I am just asking because, if there was a great demand, I would think about preparing a pattern for free downloading (only one size, sorry, I am still not able to grade patterns :( ). 
Just let me know! :)

So let's enjoy this day and HAPPY HALLOWEEN by the way! ;)


DIY Nani Iro Muffler & some hints for the DIY braided scarf

Hey everybody! As the post title already says, this is a tutorial post! I have got a new muffler DIY to share and because of the great demand, some hints for making your own braided scarf.

But let's start with my new muffler. I already told you that I had some leftovers from my last project's NaniIro fabric. This is what I came up with to get use of it.

Look at this super cute buttons! My father made them for me simply by randomly cutting some wooden board and drilling two holes into them.
It's an easypeasy muffler. All you need is a piece of fabric sized 37cm x 72cm (seam allowances included), 3 straps of lace (each about 8cm long) and 3 matching buttons (max. 3cm diameter).

First of all fold your fabric in half lengthwise (right side of the fabric inside).

After that fold your lace straps in half and place them inside (see grey straps on the right side of the above picture). Pin them with needles, so that they won't slide when you are about to sew the three open sides of your fabric. While sewing, remember to leave a little space (about 10cm) open, so that you can turn your muffler inside out.

After having sewn all three sides, turn the muffler inside out, so that the right side of the fabric and the lace flaps are on the outside. Blind stitch the seam opening. Last but not least attach your bottoms about 18cm from the end of the muffler (the side without lace flaps) and you are done! Easy, isn't it?

And I guess many of you remember this braided scarf, which I have made at the beginning of this year?! I got lots of mails and requests about which amount of fabric is needed for this one.

Luckily the viscose I used was very wide. So I cut every piece of fabric with a length of 170cm. But don't you worry, if your fabric is less wide. Just be sure, that you can still get the scarf arround your neck for two times. 

So here come some measurements of my version:

1 big piece of viscose (170cm x 42cm)
+ for two braids:
3 small pieces of viscose (170cm x 3cm)
3 middle sized pieces of viscose (170cm x 6cm) 

I hope this helps! If there are any further questions, please just let me know! 

Have a wonderful day everybody!


Spring again...at least in my head.

Lookie I have got something NEW! :) Aaah, finally a clothing project again! 
I found this beautiful NaniIro fabric on sale because it was a remnant of 1.5 metre! Yay! Then, when it arrived I had to think hardly about what to do with it. I remembered that I bought one of NaniIro's books during my semester in Japan. I have never tried any of this book's projects because somehow I found those a little too loose. Anyway, it was time to make use of it and this NaniIro fabric was, of course, just perfect for it. I made the same dress as you can see on the front cover. The only thing I altered was the length.

Did you ever use NaniIro fabric? I know it is relatively expansive if purchased outside Japan. But I can really, really recommend its very high quality. This one is a double gauze, which means that two pieces of very light cotton fabric are sewn together punctually. It is so very, very soft and feels wonderful on skin. I so love this and am thinking to purchase some more meters in a different color.

Maybe you have also seen Tilly's beautiful dress made out of NaniIro Fuccra in eggplant color? If not check her wonderful version!

Anyway, luckily I had some small remnants after finishing this easy tunic. I have two easypeasy tutorials in mind. Hope to get them done soon and share them with you!

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the bright side of life!

P.S.: Of course, it is already too cold in Germany to wear a tunic like that (also the reason of inside photos ;) ), but maybe it works with a turtleneck underneath?


♥ We have a winner!

Photo by Michael Scott found on Flickr


Happy sunday everybody! I am just stopping by to tell you that we have a winner for the last blogoversary giveaway! But first, thanks to all of you for your lovely congrats and good wishes! I do hope myself to stay as creative this year as I did in the last and provide you with lots of inspirational stuff.

And tadaaaa!  Random.org chose lucky number 17!

Nicole Messick! Congratulations!!!

I will contact you soon by email!

Have a lovely sunday dear friends! This week I will finally present you two new sewing projects. See you!


♥ Blogoversary Giveaway ♥

My dear friends! Yesterday was my very first blogoversary...AND I MISSED IT! :D

Guess, you can see by that how much seems to be going on in my life, at the moment! Anyway, I want to thank you so very, very much for having been so supportive and lovely to me for a whole year already.

When I started this blog, I didn't propose, that it might become that popular. I am still delighted whenever I see that there is a new follower and even more when I read your lovely comments! You are a great community!

So today I want to celebrate my blogoversary by giving you the chance to win this little self-made package you see on the photo! It includes a little owl, a pencil case, a bag, two coasters and as usual a cotton bag self-printed by me with a new self-made colibri stamp.

This giveaway is open internationally, of course! If you would like your chance to win this little package you can enter by commenting this post and leaving a way for me to contact you (email, etc.). This giveaway ends on 15th October at 11 p.m. CET and the winner will be announced on sunday 16th October! 

Wishing everybody a wonderful weekend and hope you will enjoy this little giveaway! ♥


Owls and a Tohoku Bag

Hello everybody! I know, I know this blog has been lacking sewn clothes and new tutorials. Unfortunately, I have been too busy with real life in the last few weeks, still trying to get my personal future onto the right tracks! But I promise to be back with some new clothings and DIYs as soon as everything is a little more ordered.

So today I serve you some more zakka! The nice thing about zakka seems to be that one can always find some time to do it and one does not need to concentrate hardly to accomplish!

Lookie, some owls! :)

Actually, I wanted to follow this little tutowlrial, but I just noticed a little later, that I have changed the facial expression by placing the eyes a little differently. Nevermind, they were a lot of fun to make and I made a whole flock!

You might recognize this bag pattern because it has been all over on sewing blogs for the last few weeks. Cheri from I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar was so nice to share an easy to follow tutorial for it. By they way, I got this beautiful floral canvas on Goldhawk Street, when I was on my trip to London!

So hopefully everybody of you is doing well! I will try hard to be back with something special soon!!!


Handmade Kultur & Misc V

I am so excited dear readers! Yesterday the second edition of Handmade Kultur was published and it included a little article about me and my new sewing machine. Thank you very very much (again!) for having supported me in this challenge! I simply love my machine and it always reminds me on you! 

Besides this I am still challenging my fabric stash! So I looked all over the blogosphere for little 'zakka' and made a list of litte useful things!

Here are some easy done zippered pen cases. I used mairuru's tutorial to make them and if you are like me with lots of little fabric strips in your cupboard, I can only advise you to turn them into these fastly done pen cases! I think they make beautiful little prezzies!

With some larger remnants I made these colorful tote bags. I really do try to be more environmentally friendly, though it is hard to act truly environmentally friendly in every single act! Anyway, this is a little contribution from my side. All these plastic bags aren't needed at all if you have such cute tote bags, right? 

And last but not least I made a little kitty cat using Wee Wonderful's free Pointy Kitty Pattern! I thought it to be much harder because of all the limbs one has to turn out and stuff, but it really was very easy and nicely instructed aswell!

So this is what I have been all about this week. And somehow I feel like my remnants still do not decrease!!! Guess this challenge has to be continued next week! Have a lovely weekend everybody and see you soon!


Misc IV

Hey hey! Well, you might know what's going to happen in case I do not blog anything for a while. Right! Things I have made are piling up and it is time to create a 'Misc' post! :) So here we go!!!

I have seen a wonderful dress-blouse-tunic in Lauren Moffatt's latest collection. But as I couldn't find anybody to donate me 382 US$, I had to turn into a copycat and tried to make my own version...

Ahh, I admit, the original one is more beautiful. I liked this wild silk very much in the fabric shop, but unfortunately the gold thread inbetween the stripes gathers the silk and makes it less plain. Also I don't like the length. It is too short to be a dress and too long for a blouse. I am thinking about shortening it to be paired better with jeans.

Also, there was a design contest run by the German BurdaStyle magazine. The task was to design a dress which every woman would love to wear. Fabulous idea, I would have loved to get a professional pattern for my own design. Anyway, in short, I didn't win. :( 
Guess my future challenge will be to try combining several dress patterns to get it done on my own! :)

And as I have already told you, I am about to make my very first quilted patchwork blanket! It is not finished, yet, but here you can already see the front and back patchwork.

And! Last but not least I made some zakka!

Lots of little fabric pouches...trying hard to use up my fabric scraps! ;)

Find a wonderful tutorial on SeeKateSew

And little handy needle books!

Find this tutorial on My Three Sons

So that's it! Hope this post wasn't an overdose! By the way, thanks for all those lovely comments you left in the last few weeks. If I haven't answered you, yet, I am sorry. I will try to catch up! Have a wonderful day everybody!


Tulips are blue

Finally a new blouse! Currently, I am trying to reduce my fabric stash. It definitely has gotten way too large!!! How do you try to manage your fabrics?! And what amount is normal and what amount shouldn't be surpassed?!...

 Anyways, if you know me already a little longer you might recognize, that I made this blouse once before. Though with a huge bow (wanderlust). This time I chose to make a smaller one because I only had one yard of fabric. 

If you like simple projects, I can only recommend this pattern to you. It took only about 3 hours to finnish it and no alterations were needed.

By the way, I was lucky last week and experienced a happy finding! I am going to show you that one soon! Just have to work on it a little more.

Have a good monday and a wonderful week everybody!


DIY - Memo Board

I don't know whether you share the same memo paper chaos as me?! It was about time to do something against this so I decided to make a fabric covered memo board (though the one on the photo is a birthday prezzie...I will need to make another one for myself! :D). And because I am very thoughtful on all my paper chaotic fellows I documented the making process and want to share this little tutorial. By the way, I think this board is also a nice idea for a changeable mood board or photo board. 

What you need:

a piece of wooden board (about 1cm thickness) in the size you want your finished memo board

some batting (size of wooden board + 4cm in lenght and 4cm in height)

some fabric (size of wooden board + about 6cm in length and 6cm in height)

a few bullen nails, some decorative ribbon and two leather strips

Tools needed: scissors, staple gun, hammer, ruler

This project is really easy-peasy and you don't need to sew anything. Start by piling fabric (right side down), batting and the wooden board as shown on the photo above. Then fold the fabric about 1-2 cm (to avoid it's fraying) and start to fix the fabric onto the wooden board in the middle of one of the length's sides with the help of your staple gun.

Do the same on the middle of the other length's side. It is important that you work parallel on both sides in order to prevent any wrinkles. Fix both lenght sides.

Fold the corners thoroughly as you would do while wrapping a gift. Fold again the fabric before using the staple gun and fixing the fabric onto the shorter sides of the wooden board.

This is what it should look like from the back after finishing all sides with the staple gun.

Turn the board arround and organize the ribbon in the way you like. Because I used some patterned fabric I didn't want too many ribbons to hide the pattern. But I think that for plain colored fabrics I would prefer to add more ribbons diametrically.

Fix the ribbons on the position you chose (e.g. with the help of needles). Then turn around the board and use your staple gun again to fix the straps on the back side of the board.

After having placed and fixed all ribbons on the back, turn the board around again and hammer the bullen nails into the ribbons. This does not only look good, but also tightens the ribbons, so that they are better prepared to hold your notes.

Last but not least I used two leather strips and fixed them (again with the staple gun) onto the top of the back. These are going to be hangers.

And tadaaa! You are done! :) Hope you like this little tutorial & have a lovely day!
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