Sorry, for not having posted for some time. I have been very busy with 'real' life, but in the end everything turned out just fine and here I am back posting my latest little projects.

I have tried my hand on some knitted wintery accessories that I saw in a German magazine called 'CUT'. The first one is my favorite. It is a flower brooch and was very, very easy to make. I just needed some knitted strings. Then I rolled them to be flowers and hand sew them on a feltbase combined with a safety pin.

The second accessory is this bracelet. 
I used the same knitted strings as for the brooch. 
This is made by braiding four strings and connect both ends.

And last but not least the most easiest of all three is this necklace with 3 knitted strings in different length.

Somehow I do love this red and white color combination. It is wintery and has a christmas holiday touch.

Maybe I will try to make more accessories like these, as I still have some of this wool left.

So you might wonder how I made those strings? In German this tool you see on the last picture is called 'Strickliesel'. 'Strick' means 'knitting' and 'liesel' is an old German name for a girl. Can anybody tell me what this is called in English? I wonder if this tool is known all around the world? 

People told me that many Germans used to play with it in their childhood. Well, I am a little late having found out about this 'Strickliesel' just about a month ago! ;)


  1. oooooh, die gute alte strickliesel!! hach, ich hatte eine bei meinen großeltern, und hab immer hundeleinen und halsbänder für meine plüschtiere gemacht :D
    die idee mit den broschen ist total süß, die strickblümchen kann man ja für alles mögliche verwenden!
    bring sie das nächste mal wenn wir uns sehen mal mit, mal gucken ob ich das noch kann ;)

  2. I love them! Your stitches on the back of the pin look so neat too. Well done! The string you made with the tool is called an I-cord in knitting term. I am assuming the tool is called an I-cord maker. Hehehe.

  3. oh and you can knit the I-cord as well...

  4. Im not sure as I am not a knitter, but from what I found on the internet, its called a knitting spool or knitting loom.

  5. In Dutch its called 'punniken'.

  6. @ Meike: hihi...ja, das ist echt ein Spass und so einfach! bringe sie auf jeden Fall das nächste Mal mit! :)

    @SH:haha, thanks! well, this is actually almost the first time I got in touch with knitting. but I would really like to try more knitting in future. it is only, that I am a little afraid of it being too difficult!...and time consuming. maybe I am too impatient! :)

    @ Natalia*: thanks for that hint! :)

    @ Lisa: 'punniken'?!...hihi, that sounds almost as funny as 'strickliesel'! ;) thanks for telling me!

  7. That´s an interesting tool, I have never seen it and sadly can´t imagine how it works... :) I wish I could knit, I would knit myself a pullover (but that takes quite a long time, I guess...).
    I have a new blog, too :).

  8. Hello! I've just come across your blog and love it! The tool is called a knitting Nancy in England - or was in the 80's when I had one as a child! I used to make snakes with it!

  9. Hallo,

    Sorry,ich bin Französin und deshalb ist mein Englisch schlecht ;-) Aber ich kann Deutsch!
    In Frankreich nennt man diese Sache "un tricotin" und ich hatte eins als ich jünger war. Ich weiss nicht, ob du die französische Wollmarke Phildar kennst, aber sie haben letztes Jahr mehrere "Patterns" (ich kenne das deutsche Wort nicht)gemacht, das war ziemlich schön.
    Ich mag dein Blog, bravo!

  10. Hi! I am the current moderator for the Yahoo Spoolknitter Group and also for the Flickr Spool Knitter Group, I also have a blog which all to do with these knitting spools. You will see a long list on the blog of all of the names I have found so far and yes it is well known around the world. In the US it is known as a spool knitter, in the UK it can be a knitting nancy, dolly bobbin, or french knitter. Love your brooch, do you mind if I link your blog to the Yahoo Group, thanks, cheers, Marian in OZ


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