Old school embroidered pillow cases...

Today I would like to show you a little "side"project of mine. My boyfriend was in desperate need of new pillowcases. So I made him the following two with checkered woolen scrap fabric. But somehow they were kind of boring. 
Then I found this amazing and pretty cool book called 'Embroidered Effects' and tried to jazz them up a little. I made two patches. After stitching I sewed them on felt so that they won't fray. This was a pretty easy and fun project! 
The first one reminds me of those old sailor jerry tattoos and the second is a colorful skull inspired by 'Día de los Muertos'. Think I am going to embroider more in the future!


  1. hahaha, der totenkopf ist ja mal der hit :D
    da hat fred aber schöne kissen bekommen :)

  2. Brilliant! Bad boy in rainbow colours, love the idea.

  3. Hi Nette, these are cool! You´re way ahead of me with the embroidery! :) Thanks with the name/url tip, I did that in the past with some blogs, but thought it´s not possible here (I could do that only at some blogs, at some it was "anonymous" only and at some I couldn´t comment at all, so I was a bit confused :). I link to my blog in czech... at least there are some pictures, but not much sewing related :). bye J.


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