Little big hedgehog poche & a little surprise

Oh, I have been a total copycat this time. I am so sorry, but I just had to try this sweet hedgehog bag myself! And aren't people saying that to copy is the highest form of flattery?
I have seen this kind of animal bags on etsy some time ago. Then, some weeks ago got reminded about them by a post from crochetie on facebook. They are too cute, but they were also unaffordable for me, so I simply had to make it myself.

I used some soft and thin leather for the body. I wasn't so sure, whether my sewing machine would be able to sew leather, but with a leather needle it was no problem at all.

It is not really a bag and can carry only little things, but that is enough for some money, cards and my mobile phone.


P.S.: I got a little parcel, yesterday! I was so surprised and delighted!!! One of my very best friends, Meike, send me some goodies along with this lovely black leather flower brooch, which she made herself! Oh, I love self-made presents!!! ♥


  1. <3<3<3
    der igel ist soooo knuffig!!

  2. Annette!! You made it real good! As soon as the picture showed up on my screen, I had to say "OMG-!!!":D This is a little lovely friend of yours from today, eh? I have to decide which animal will be mine:) So excited!

  3. ooooh that little hedgehog is SO cute!!

  4. Hey Annette, today I drafted my pattern for this project, and cut fabrics, then.. I didn't like it:( It was a black cat, but I guess I should use something else. Flying bird is also interesting, I think.

  5. @ Ophelia.K: Oh, I am so sorry to hear! I would have loved to see your cat, but actually, I am even more into birds! So keep your head up high and start again! :)


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