Christmas is coming to town... Part. I

I was finally able to finish all my self-made christmas presents, yesterday! Yeaheee! No more stress for me! :)
So today I would like to share two of them. I can only show you these before christmas because I am pretty sure that both presentees will not come on my blog to have a look.

So this little birdcage ornament with a flying bird inside is for my boyfriend's grandmother. She is always such a kind person and I really hope she will like it! 
I made this ornament with the help of a tutorial by 'Pretty Ditty'. She shares wonderful and inspirational things on her blog and also has a very nice online shop.
I, especially, love her pegdolls, they are just too beautiful. I have to admit, that I once tried my hand on one of these and it was no problem to make the doll's cloth...but I cannot show you my pegdoll because I was just nooo good at painting her face. :)

Second present I would like to share is a leathern case for keys. I tried to keep it simple as it is for men. But to make it a little more personalized I stamped and sewed on the presentees initials.

So what about you? I am really curious to see what other people have made. Have you finished all your christmas presents, yet? What did you make?


  1. Ohhh, was du immer für schöne Ideen hast!
    Das Vögelchen ist ganz ganz allerliebst!!
    Ich bin noch nicht ganz fertig mit meinen Weihnachtsnähereien, werd sie nach den Feiertagen reinstellen...kämpfe noch mit der Nase vom Maulwurf für meinen Papa :D
    Bin gespannt was du noch gemacht hast & wie deine Geschenke ankommen :) <3

  2. I love the leather case! The black and white fabric is great. I think more people should give handmade presents to others.

  3. mit den beeren sieht der vogel im käfig nochmal besser aus! sehr sehr süß und so originell! und auch das schlüsseletui ist toll geworden. wenn er sich darüber nicht freut..^^

  4. They´re beautiful!And the first photo is wonderful. I´m still finishing off my kids Christmas costumes for the school party, so I´m seriously behind on my handmade presents schedule. Have a nice week.

  5. @MeikeVanessa: Danke Liebes, ich bin super gespannt auf deinen Maulwurf! Vergiss nicht ein Foto von ihm zu machen! :)

    @janul: That is exactly my opinion! :D P.S.: The fabric is from IKEA. Just in case you are interested in it.

    @Sarah:Hihi, danke dir! Na, dann weiß ich auch nicht! ;)

    @la inglesita: Oh, I think I have heard about children in Spain dressing up on christmas! What are you making for them? Looking forward to see those on your blog! Have a nice week, too!


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