Me encanta tú blog!

I feel so flattered! Lovely Jelena has given me this sweet blog award! Spongebob in a vogue like pose. Hihihi, I love this one! :)
Anyway, with this award come some questions she poses. I tried to answer them as good as I can.

Why did you create your blog? 
I started this blog because I want to share my passion for sewing and creating with as many people as possible all around the world. I have seen so many beautiful blogs and wondered whether I could do something like that, too. And here I am trying! ;)

What kind of blogs do you read?
I read all kind of blogs about crafts, but also fashion in order to get inspired in several ways.

What is your favorite decorative cosmetics brand?
I like all kind of natural cosmetics. I do not really have a favorite brand.

What is your favorite clothes brand?
I love clothes from Anthropologie! But actually, they are too expensive for my little purse and that is why I have not purchased anything there, yet. Anyway, their clothes are a great inspiration for me.

Which product of decorative cosmetics is the most important to you?
Definitely rouge (I am using Benefit's Coralista, at the moment) and concealer (Artdeco's Perfect Teint Illuminator). They are essential for me because they make me look fresher!...I always look a little weiry.

What is your favorite color?
I love all natural colors. I guess, at the moment my favorite color might be beige - camel.

What is your favorite perfume?
My favorite perfume at the moment is Jil Sander's 'Jil'.

What is your favorite movie? 
My one and only favorite movie is 'Garden State' with Zach Braff and Natalie Portman. I can only advise you to watch it, if you haven't yet! It is wonderful and I love the message behind it. 

Which countries do you wish to visit and why?
I would love to travel everywhere! hihihi...but my favorite is still Japan. I have been there 2007 for about 10 months to study Japanese and to complete an internship. It was one of my happiest times and I really miss them! In addition, I would also love to travel to Korea (they have really, really good food), to Hawaii (who does not want to go to Hawaii?!) and to Russia (that would be something different to what I have seen, yet).

Thank you Jelena! And thank you, who have been interested in reading my answers! ♥


  1. :) Like your answers, it seems a lot of people want to go to Japan and you are one of the lucky ones that have already been there :) And I hope to watch the film soon ;)

  2. Lovely to know you a bit better. You´re making a beautiful blog so it´s a well deserved prize.

  3. I do love Korean foods, too!
    I make & eat them once a week at least! ^3^♪

    I feel happy to hear many people love Japan...
    Hope you will come to Japan sooner again!

  4. @ Jelena: Thank you! You should really watch this movie. Sometimes it is a little odd, but definitely worth to watch it till the end!

    @ La inglesita: Thank you! Has my little package already arrived? Please let me know! :)

    @ taeco: Korean food is the greatest pleasure in the world...hihi...what is your favorite dish?
    Hopefully, I can travel to Japan soon! Maybe we could also meet and go shopping for fabrics together!

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