I love old and traditional things from all around the world. Getting to know about other cultures is one of my favorite pleasures. Luckily, I had the chance to travel a lot, though I am still quite young. I am very grateful for that.
Anyway, I have never been to Russia, yet! That is definitely one more country I would love to see. Traveling with the Transibirian Train would be a great experience, I think.
Well, that journey will have to wait. But it inspired me to do this lovely looking matryoshka pin cushion!

I feel a little sorry, whenever I put a needle in it! ;)

Curiously, I found the pattern on a Japanese website called Tezukuri Town, which means somethings as Handmade Town. It was my first try in embroidery. It was great fun! If you would like to try it, aswell, you can find the pattern here.


  1. wie süß ist das denn?? so knuffig, mit den roten wangen *^_^*
    ich glaub ich würde sie eher als schlüsselanhänger nehmen, mir täte auch jede nadel leid :D
    ich muss sticken auch mal versuchen!

  2. Really nice!
    I am not an expert, but this looks like Pro made it!

    Have a nice week.



  3. Es ist sehr süB!! Es wird sehr schön für ein Tannenbaum, nein? Danke für die Idee, und entschuldigung für mein Deutsch, wie ist sehr schlecht...

  4. @ meikevanessa: da hast du recht! nächste mal auf jeden fall! und du MUSST das ausprobieren! spass garantiert!...dauert nur länger bis man ein endresultat hat! ;)

    @ shopping diva: haha...thank you, I guess this is something everybody is able to do! ;)

    @ mathilde: da hast du auf jeden fall recht! nur dauert es bei mir sooo lange bis eines fertig ist. dann müsste ich wahrscheinlich im märz anfangen, um einen ganzen tannenbaum voll zu bekommen!
    p.s.: dein deutsch ist super! keine bange! :)

  5. かわいいね~!
    I have made a similar matryoshka pin-cushion,too!
    But she is missing...

    I used this pattern ;
    She offers us many adorable patterns!

  6. This is great! I love the matryoshka! I want to try some embroidery too, but on a dress... I don´t have the dress yet, though :). Jana

  7. ich muss noch einen kommentar hinterlassen, sie ist SO SÜSS!! :)

  8. @ taeco: wow, that blog is wonderful! and it is in japanese! I can have fun and improve my japanese language skills all at one time. :)
    thank you for showing me that webpage. i will surely make another matryoshka, so that the first one is not all alone! ;)

    @ jana: haha, that would be awesome, i think! do you have at least the dress's pattern in mind? ;)

    @ meikevanessa: hihi, danke dir. ich liebe sie auch! und du musst sticken ausprobieren! die möglichkeiten scheinen unendlich zu sein!!!

  9. Well, in general I do, but there are so many things I want to do and have to do, so... slowly, slowly approaching to my future dress :). J.

  10. @ Jana: Oh, I know what you mean! ;) Please, let me know if you have something new!

  11. this is so cuuuute!! And thanks for your comment. I can't remember if I've answered you yet. But yes, I made the linoleum stamps myself ;)

    love your blog!

  12. Same NAME
    Thanks for your nice Blog.
    You could visit me on my German Blog...
    Have a nice day

  13. @regenbogenbuntes
    wow, what a coincidence! we both are named 'nette'and we both love to sew! i will definitely come around your blog. :D wish you a nice day, too!

  14. wie süß! Ich muss sofort eine nachmachen, oder zwei?!^^ Trang


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