Faux Fur Collars

You might have noticed, too, that this autumn/winter season seems to be all about faux fur! I always wonder how those trends evolve unnoticed. People, including me, tend to think that they come up with something, like in this case the detachable faux fur collar, but in the end we are all just unintentionally following some trends, which are impossible to relate to one origin.

I think this case of 'faux fur collars' is a great example. I had the idea in my mind at the beginning of autumn. Then, maybe about 1 week later I found Ophelia from Crochetie had made some beautiful fur collars for her shop (you should really stop by her blog to look at them or even purchase one).

Her collars finally encouraged me to really try my own one. Though all of these are faux fur collars, there seem to be boundless possibilities to make endless variations. You can  play with the size, the pattern and the different kinds of furs.

Then, just 2 days earlier Colette patterns made a fantastic tutorial on a removable custom faux fur collar for coats.

And finally, yesterday, Elegant Musings added 2 other wonderful vintage patterns for detachable fur collars, which you can download as pdf on her blog. She also made a detailed step-by-step instruction on how to work with fur. 

Isn't this amazing?! Unrelated people from all over the world come up with similar ideas at the same time and the origin of these simply remain unidentifiable. How can you explain this?

So what do you think of these detachable fur collars? Do you like them, or did you even had the same idea in this season?

Anyway, if you are into them, here comes a little hint! Elegant Musings is having a giveaway for one beautiful fur collar. Simply leave her a comment on what your favorite wintertime accessory is and how you like to wear it. 

Good luck girls and have a nice day!


  1. Ich finde diese Fellkragen ganz ganz wunderbar! Ich hab im Sommer einen in grau im H&M Sale für 1€ ergattert (bei 36°, hahaha) und mein schwarzer mit Schleife wird diesen Herbst/Winter auch definitiv wieder rausgeholt!
    Dein Kragen sieht übrigens super aus!! Was für eine Schließe hast du vorn dran?

  2. Hi Annette, thank you very much for linking to my post;)
    You and your collar are both really beautiful:) I love faux fur collar better than other material's as it feels so smooth and cozy.
    Happy sewing!!

  3. Thanks for information about tutorials for making detachable collars! I will definitely try to make one! Yours look so cute! :)

  4. Where I live Winter lasts two weeks so it´s a great idea to warm up my lightweight coats! Thanks for sharing

  5. @ MeikeVanessa: uh, da merkt man mal wieder, dass mein Nähdeutsch leidet...ich weiß nicht wie die Schließe heisst! ;) Aber ich kann sie dir gern mal zeigen! Ist ähnlich wie bei einem BH.

    @ Ophelia K.: Of course I had to link to your wonderful collars! Thanks for your sweet comment.

    @ Jelena: Looking forward to see your version! :)

    @ la inglesita: I am so excited, that the little package already arrived! :) Hope you enjoy it!

  6. Thanks! Yes I cut the linoleum myself, it's actually quite easy. And it's so much fun, I spent an entire weekend sitting in my room just cutting and printing all days long. You should try it out!

  7. Thank you for this post. Fur collar is looking beautiful. I always like to wear fur accessories. I ordered a pair of fur collars and scarves from the Amifur online store.


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