DIY: Vintage Sewing Spool Charm

Some weeks ago I bought a set of 12 vintage wooden sewing spools. They looked so nice with their neat graphics and I thought they might be useful to hold my laces. Another idea of mine was to use them for a knob rack. I am still into the idea of a knob rack, but actually, I would have no use for it at the moment. So that is definitely an idea for the future.

Then I had the idea for a charm. Definitely a charm for seamstresses! I looked up several sailor's knots and ended up with the 'monkey fist' which seemed to be a nice ending for this charm.

For those of you, who like it, too (and did not win the giveaway) here comes my first DIY tutorial.

Materials: about 20 inch of twine, a wooden sewing spool, some glue and yarn in your prefered color
  • Leave one end of the twine shorter and wrap it 3 times. The longer end you take to the right.
  • Then wrap the longer ending 3 times counterclockwise around the first 3 rings.
  • Wrap the long end 3 times around the 3 rings you have just made.
  • Now comes the "hardest" part. Be partient and find out which parts you have to pull in order to get the knot neat.
  • Make another simple knot into the twine (about the length you prefer your monkey fist pendant).
  • Bond the longer end of the twine to the shorter one. Then pull the twine through your sewing spool.
  • Make another simple knot at the other end of the spool in order to fix it.
  • Use some glue on your spool and wind up a yarn with your preferred color.


  1. Die Idee ist total klasse, da muss man erstmal drauf kommen!
    Sieht richtig süß aus (und passt auch gut zur Tasche ;) )

  2. So clever! Knots are so much fun. I liken it to knitting. With a few precise moves, a mess of string magically becomes something tidy and practical!

  3. You sew clothes, you make bags, blog, have a lovely giveaway and can also DIY. I´m impressed!! and envious too.

  4. @ MeikeVanessa:Danke dir! Gut, dass dir die Idee gefällt! ;)

    @ Erin: Thanks you Erin. That is so right! It is indeed just like magic. I always feel a little sad about not being able to knit. That is definitely something I will have to learn in the future.

    @ La Inglesita: hahaha...thank you, but I think you do a great job as a seamstress, a blogger, a full-time worker AND mother, aswell! :)

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