Bagbag for Frederik

Last week on the 13th was my boyfriend's birthday. Yes, he is a 13th born!...kind of creepy...hihi...Luckily, I am not superstitious. :)

Anyway, I made him this bag. I used canvas for the outside and the inside and put some interface inbetween to give it more shape. The brown handles, the bottom and the outside pocket are made out of leather.

As the leather was very thick I had to do a lot of handstitching. I worked on it for hours! And there is still some horny skin on the tips of my fingers.

At first I wanted to buy some handles, but I simply could not find matching ones. So in the end I tried to make them myself! It was not quite that difficult.
You won't ever guess what is inside them! I used old cables to give them more grip. :)

In addition I added a shoulder strap, which is removable. So he can use this bag in two different ways.

But the best part of this bag is, that he likes it a lot! 

Well, that is at least what he told me! ;)...if he did not meant it, he surely deserves an Oscar Award!

Yesterday, we went to eat some simple Japanese food. Yakitori-Don! Oh, I so miss Japanese food. One of my favorites has always been Okonomiyaki! I just found out, that there is a restaurant in a neighbouring city, which is specialized on that dish! Definitely have to try that one soon!

Wish you all a nice and relaxing sunday and have a good start in tomorrow's new week!


  1. Truly amazing! He must be so proud of you.

  2. You too are sooo cute! =)
    The bag looks fabulous - I agree he must be proud of you!

  3. @ la inglesita: Thank you! Have you already picked up your giveaway? ;)

    @ Jelena: hihi...thank you!!!

  4. I don’t know what to say! I am so thankful and love how you always get to surprise me.
    I am so proud to carry this bag, as well as all the other wonderful things you have made for me.
    It is great to have such a creative girlfriend with such talent.
    I love you Nette and am looking forward to christmas! ^^

  5. You two are so sweet couple! I love the bag you made for him. It is truly heart-warming gift!
    I can understand how hard it was to work by your hands. Machine is useless when we need them really. Your boyfriend is very lucky to have a creative and lovely girl!!

    The yakitori-don looks good! We did Sukiyaki tonight, wish you guys could join us:D

  6. @ Frederik: :-*

    @ Ophelia. K: Thank you so much. Oh, we would love to join you! Sukiyaki is so good! Maybe we can eat together one day! :D

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