And the winner is...

La Inglesita from Spain 

Congratulations! I will definitely try to contact you soon, so that I can send you the giveaway asap!  ♥

I am so happy for my very first little giveaway. This was extremely exciting. Thank you so much to everybody for entering. And I am so sorry, that I cannot send all of you a giveaway. But I will definitely do another in the future. So come back now and then and thank you all for following me and being interested in what I have to share. This really means a lot to me. 
Have a nice and beautiful day girls!


  1. Hi Nette, I can´t believe I´ve won!! Imagine my surprise when I saw my name on your blog. It means a lot to us. I say "us" because you have two little followers who asked me if they could keep the charm. I can only praise your blog, from the stylism of the photos to the design of the page. It goes without saying that your sewing is wonderful too.
    And thanks for the opportunity to find other lovely blogs, I´ll be busy this weekend checking them all out!

  2. Oh, I´m sorry I didn´t enter! I was just really busy these days... oh well. Maybe in the future :). Congrats to La Inglesita! The gifts are adorable. Jana

  3. Congratulations to the winner!
    Dear nette I have also given you a cute prize on my blog so check it out :)

  4. Nette,

    I am having a LANVIN Silk shirt Giveaway on my blog, so stop by and enter if you like!



  5. @ La Inglesita: your giveaway is on the way! i have just been to the post office! ;)

    @ Jana: what a pity! but do not mind! I will surely have another one in future and would be glad if you enter then! :)

    @ Jelena: you are so nice and I feel very flattered! I will answer these questions soon and post them! thank you! :)

    @ shopping-diva: wow, I have to have this shirt! I will definitely enter! I am already crossing my fingers! ;) thank you for telling me!


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