Casual Maritime

It has been getting very cold here in Germany, but at least the weather is fine today! So, finally, I had the chance to take some photos again. This is a "sweater dress" I finished already 2 weeks ago. I like my clothes to be comfy, yet not looking too comfortable!

I did not use a pattern for this dress. The skirt is made out of two large rectangles and the upper part is a copy of one of my simpler shirts. To give it something special I divided the yoke and decided to use two different fabrics.

I used two different sweatshirt fabrics. One is a dark blue and the other one is a maritime looking light grey one with blue stripes.

At first I wanted to add different golden buttons, but somehow they would have made the whole style less casual and did not really match the sweatshirt fabric. That is why I went for these heart-shaped buttons made out of shell which match well with the light grey.

Anyway, wish you all a relaxed sunday and a good start into tomorrow's week!!!


Better together...


Bagbag for Frederik

Last week on the 13th was my boyfriend's birthday. Yes, he is a 13th born!...kind of creepy...hihi...Luckily, I am not superstitious. :)

Anyway, I made him this bag. I used canvas for the outside and the inside and put some interface inbetween to give it more shape. The brown handles, the bottom and the outside pocket are made out of leather.

As the leather was very thick I had to do a lot of handstitching. I worked on it for hours! And there is still some horny skin on the tips of my fingers.

At first I wanted to buy some handles, but I simply could not find matching ones. So in the end I tried to make them myself! It was not quite that difficult.
You won't ever guess what is inside them! I used old cables to give them more grip. :)

In addition I added a shoulder strap, which is removable. So he can use this bag in two different ways.

But the best part of this bag is, that he likes it a lot! 

Well, that is at least what he told me! ;)...if he did not meant it, he surely deserves an Oscar Award!

Yesterday, we went to eat some simple Japanese food. Yakitori-Don! Oh, I so miss Japanese food. One of my favorites has always been Okonomiyaki! I just found out, that there is a restaurant in a neighbouring city, which is specialized on that dish! Definitely have to try that one soon!

Wish you all a nice and relaxing sunday and have a good start in tomorrow's new week!


Faux Fur Collars

You might have noticed, too, that this autumn/winter season seems to be all about faux fur! I always wonder how those trends evolve unnoticed. People, including me, tend to think that they come up with something, like in this case the detachable faux fur collar, but in the end we are all just unintentionally following some trends, which are impossible to relate to one origin.

I think this case of 'faux fur collars' is a great example. I had the idea in my mind at the beginning of autumn. Then, maybe about 1 week later I found Ophelia from Crochetie had made some beautiful fur collars for her shop (you should really stop by her blog to look at them or even purchase one).

Her collars finally encouraged me to really try my own one. Though all of these are faux fur collars, there seem to be boundless possibilities to make endless variations. You can  play with the size, the pattern and the different kinds of furs.

Then, just 2 days earlier Colette patterns made a fantastic tutorial on a removable custom faux fur collar for coats.

And finally, yesterday, Elegant Musings added 2 other wonderful vintage patterns for detachable fur collars, which you can download as pdf on her blog. She also made a detailed step-by-step instruction on how to work with fur. 

Isn't this amazing?! Unrelated people from all over the world come up with similar ideas at the same time and the origin of these simply remain unidentifiable. How can you explain this?

So what do you think of these detachable fur collars? Do you like them, or did you even had the same idea in this season?

Anyway, if you are into them, here comes a little hint! Elegant Musings is having a giveaway for one beautiful fur collar. Simply leave her a comment on what your favorite wintertime accessory is and how you like to wear it. 

Good luck girls and have a nice day!


Me encanta tú blog!

I feel so flattered! Lovely Jelena has given me this sweet blog award! Spongebob in a vogue like pose. Hihihi, I love this one! :)
Anyway, with this award come some questions she poses. I tried to answer them as good as I can.

Why did you create your blog? 
I started this blog because I want to share my passion for sewing and creating with as many people as possible all around the world. I have seen so many beautiful blogs and wondered whether I could do something like that, too. And here I am trying! ;)

What kind of blogs do you read?
I read all kind of blogs about crafts, but also fashion in order to get inspired in several ways.

What is your favorite decorative cosmetics brand?
I like all kind of natural cosmetics. I do not really have a favorite brand.

What is your favorite clothes brand?
I love clothes from Anthropologie! But actually, they are too expensive for my little purse and that is why I have not purchased anything there, yet. Anyway, their clothes are a great inspiration for me.

Which product of decorative cosmetics is the most important to you?
Definitely rouge (I am using Benefit's Coralista, at the moment) and concealer (Artdeco's Perfect Teint Illuminator). They are essential for me because they make me look fresher!...I always look a little weiry.

What is your favorite color?
I love all natural colors. I guess, at the moment my favorite color might be beige - camel.

What is your favorite perfume?
My favorite perfume at the moment is Jil Sander's 'Jil'.

What is your favorite movie? 
My one and only favorite movie is 'Garden State' with Zach Braff and Natalie Portman. I can only advise you to watch it, if you haven't yet! It is wonderful and I love the message behind it. 

Which countries do you wish to visit and why?
I would love to travel everywhere! hihihi...but my favorite is still Japan. I have been there 2007 for about 10 months to study Japanese and to complete an internship. It was one of my happiest times and I really miss them! In addition, I would also love to travel to Korea (they have really, really good food), to Hawaii (who does not want to go to Hawaii?!) and to Russia (that would be something different to what I have seen, yet).

Thank you Jelena! And thank you, who have been interested in reading my answers! ♥



I love old and traditional things from all around the world. Getting to know about other cultures is one of my favorite pleasures. Luckily, I had the chance to travel a lot, though I am still quite young. I am very grateful for that.
Anyway, I have never been to Russia, yet! That is definitely one more country I would love to see. Traveling with the Transibirian Train would be a great experience, I think.
Well, that journey will have to wait. But it inspired me to do this lovely looking matryoshka pin cushion!

I feel a little sorry, whenever I put a needle in it! ;)

Curiously, I found the pattern on a Japanese website called Tezukuri Town, which means somethings as Handmade Town. It was my first try in embroidery. It was great fun! If you would like to try it, aswell, you can find the pattern here.


DIY: Vintage Sewing Spool Charm

Some weeks ago I bought a set of 12 vintage wooden sewing spools. They looked so nice with their neat graphics and I thought they might be useful to hold my laces. Another idea of mine was to use them for a knob rack. I am still into the idea of a knob rack, but actually, I would have no use for it at the moment. So that is definitely an idea for the future.

Then I had the idea for a charm. Definitely a charm for seamstresses! I looked up several sailor's knots and ended up with the 'monkey fist' which seemed to be a nice ending for this charm.

For those of you, who like it, too (and did not win the giveaway) here comes my first DIY tutorial.

Materials: about 20 inch of twine, a wooden sewing spool, some glue and yarn in your prefered color
  • Leave one end of the twine shorter and wrap it 3 times. The longer end you take to the right.
  • Then wrap the longer ending 3 times counterclockwise around the first 3 rings.
  • Wrap the long end 3 times around the 3 rings you have just made.
  • Now comes the "hardest" part. Be partient and find out which parts you have to pull in order to get the knot neat.
  • Make another simple knot into the twine (about the length you prefer your monkey fist pendant).
  • Bond the longer end of the twine to the shorter one. Then pull the twine through your sewing spool.
  • Make another simple knot at the other end of the spool in order to fix it.
  • Use some glue on your spool and wind up a yarn with your preferred color.


And the winner is...

La Inglesita from Spain 

Congratulations! I will definitely try to contact you soon, so that I can send you the giveaway asap!  ♥

I am so happy for my very first little giveaway. This was extremely exciting. Thank you so much to everybody for entering. And I am so sorry, that I cannot send all of you a giveaway. But I will definitely do another in the future. So come back now and then and thank you all for following me and being interested in what I have to share. This really means a lot to me. 
Have a nice and beautiful day girls!


Giveaway No.1: For Seamstresses

I am a little nervous, but also very excited! Tadaaaa! This is going to be my first little giveaway! I hope so much that you like it as much as I do! A little seamstress kit for all those lovely seamstresses!

So this kit includes 4 items. 

The first being this selfmade seamstress vintage sewing spool charm
I used a really cute vintage wooden sewing spool and added some mustard thread. The ending is a sailor's knot called 'monkey fist' which I made with some cotton twine. I think this charm is a nice way to express one's love to sewing!

The second item is a little hand-sewn Japanese bag. Which can be used to store little items like buttons or candys! I used two of my favorite fabrics to make this one. Both are from Japanese 'Lecien' fabrics. As you can see, there is a big pocket in the middle, which can be closed using the drawstring and there are also two exterior pockets underneath the triangles.

And last, but not least 2 small goodies. A lovely red lolly (everybody needs some sweetness in life now and then) and some of my favorite incense sticks with lavender flavour.

So if you like what you see, please enter my very 1st giveaway in one of the following ways:
  • Leave a comment and a way for me to contact you (email, facebook name, blog url).
  • If you would like to have an additional entry, be or become my follower.
  • Another way to have an additional entry, would be to repost this giveaway on your blog and to link it back here.
  • Please tell me in your comment, if you chose to have additional entries.

This giveaway is open until Thursday, November 11th (11 am (CET)). I will choose a winner randomly using random.org. Good luck everybody!


Casey's giveaway: done up like a present – 50s headband

How adorable is this one? I do not know why, but it gives me a special christmas present feeling!

Casey shares with us this wonderful tutorial on how to make a cute 50s headband. 

And for those, who are too busy to make one on their own, she is giving you the chance to win one in her giveaway!

So good luck girls and have a wonderful day!!!

P.S. Come back on the weekend! I am planning to have a little giveaway, too! I hope you will like it!  ♥
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