Starting a blog...

I am so excited about starting a blog. At first I was a little afraid because I am no good with computers, but it was far easier than I had imagined!
So here I am, though a little desperate about what to post first.
I want this blog to become a creative and inspirational place, blogging about my sewing projects, maybe a little about daily life and beautiful things that inspire me.

So I decided to start this blog with some of my favorite self-sewed projects. My personal top 7 so to speak! ;)

1) Seaside Wenlan Blouse
2) Go High-Waisted Velvet
3) Go Parisienne

 4) Big Checked Grey Dress
5) Mossy Bow Shorts
6) On the sidelines - Twinkle Sews
7) I like Dots and Bows


  1. *wellcome to the world of blogging* ;)
    Es wurde aber auch wirklich Zeit, dass du deine wunderschönen Nähsachen außerhalb von Burda präsentierst!!
    Ein sehr schönes Layout hast du, und aus deiner "Top 7" liebe ich jedes Teil <3
    Bin gespannt was noch folgt und hab dich sehr lieb :-*
    (ooooh, und DANKE fürs verlinken ^.^ )

  2. Youpi! You have a blog!! It's a good new, I like all the things you share on Burdastyle!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog, and excuse my english... I don't speak english since... pffffiou, a long time!!! (und Deutsch auch!)

  3. Merci beaucoup pour le compliment Mathilde! Well, your English is ok, I think! I will try hard to continue reading your blog! :)


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