Signé Chanel on Arte

Last week Arte (a french-german collaboration) showed a documentary called Signé Chanel. This 5 episode long documentary showed the whole creation process of an haute-couture collection in the year 2004-05. Starting with sketches drawn by Karl Lagerfeld the documentary introduces the house of Chanel in Rue Cambon and its dressmakers. It gives great insight into all the steps from sketch to draping, to choosing the right fabric and fitting. It really is amazing to watch this versatile handcraft and I admire all the dressmakers for their patience and their desire for perfection. If it were possible I would love to go there just to watch them work and get a feeling for their techniques.
But please watch it yourself!

And did you know about all these tailor superstitions? I certainly did not! But it is so interesting and I wonder where it comes from! In case you did not watch the whole documentary here is a short summary of what Mme Cécile (Première d'atelier) said:
  • a knot in the tape measure: there is work to do
  • to knock over a box of pins: there will be an argument
  • to drop scissors: bad news
  • hurt your hand with a needle: each finger has its own meaning (right hand: work; left hand: heart)
    • thumb: happiness
    • forefinger: trouble
    • middle finger: love
    • ring finger: letter
    • little finger: farewell
Do you know any more tailor superstitions?


  1. haha, the only thing I know is (and it´s not really a superstition), that my grandma always told me: if you prick yourself with a needle or a pin while sewing, you´re going to look great in the garment :). And, I´m pricking myself all the time, I think, and it always reminds me of her saying that :). Jana

  2. hihi, grandmas are the best! and they are always telling the truth! :) thank you Jana for sharing this with me!


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