Jour d'automne

So it seems that autumn has arrived. Leaves are turning yellow, brown and red. Unfortunately, it has been getting really cold these days and I fear, that I finished this coat too late! But nevermind, spring is surely returning (...next year...).
This is the first coat I created myself. I used several patterns and combined them and I am quite satisfied with the result. I especially love the collar. I had this collar on my mind for quite some time and drafted it myself by several trials and errors. In the end it turned out just as I had imagined and I am glad about all that effort it took me.
As I could not find matching buttons I decided to make them myself with the left fabric.
So this is my version of a classic, romantic autumn coat. 

Another project I just finished is this lovely blouse from the "Wanderlust" line of BurdaStyle magazine 10/2010 (model 118B). 
I love the big bow and it makes up for a scarf very well. Unfortunately the fabric does not show up well in these photos, but it is a nice warm little-checked cream-brown cotton fabric, which I got on sale for only 5 Euro. Lucky me!

Background: Vintage Damask http://lostandtaken.com


  1. Wow die Sachen sehen einfach so wundervoll an dir aus. Das macht echt Spaß deinen Blog zu verfolgen. Ich bin wirklich begeistert von deiner Kreativität und deinem Auge fürs Detail. Ich hoffe das deine Lust am Nähen und Designen mit jedem neuem Projekt weiter wächst^^.

  2. Danke dir lieber Schatz! Und auch nochmal vielen lieben Dank, dass du so ein geduldiger Fotograf warst!...Model wär wohl in der Tat kein Beruf für mich! hihi Hast auf jeden Fall etwas gut bei mir!

  3. wow! such a beautiful coat, i love everything you make!!!


  4. Thank you Selina for that wonderful comment! I just had a look on the blog you share with your sisters! It looks like so much fun and you have some great tutorials on it. I will definitely come by more often now!

  5. Oooo boy that is one cute lovely coat...where did you find thid patern?!
    I have to have it...i loooove baby dolls cut!
    It looks cute on you !
    Mvh liene

  6. Thank you liene. Unfortunately, I did not use one pattern, but combined several patterns and drafted the collar on my own. But you could try that on your own. For example, take the upper part of a jacket pattern (just until beneath the bust) and then draft 4 rectangles (2 for front and 2 for back). Consider to widen the front parts in order to add some pleats. It is not that difficult, actually. Hope that helps you!

  7. Hi - your Blog is looking very lovely. This blouse is gorgeous! I saw it last night and rushed out and bought the magazine this morning - luckily it's still in stock. Thanks for the inspiration! I may try a version in the plaid too.
    Good luck with all your sewing and creating!

  8. Love the big bow! Check out my knitted version of big bow if you don't mind. http://smallfire-smallfire.blogspot.com/2010/10/big-bow.html

    Thanks and happy sewing,

  9. Very nice photos! I liked your blog very much.
    Definitely a follower!

    Stop by my page sometime.
    All the best.


  10. Your coat is loooooooverly!

  11. omg... i LOVE your coat ♥


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