Jour d'automne - Part II

Is it monday again?! Let's hope for a good and creative new week! 
 I just wanted to add some photos of my new coat, because the color did not show up very well in the last one.
 Wish you all a good start into this week! And hopefully the weather is better at your place (here, it is a 7°C, grey and rainy day ...brrr...)!

P.S.: Somehow I do have a grumpy facial expression on these photos (though I was not grumpy at all!)! I definitely have to work on that! So please forgive me!  ♥


  1. Dear Anette!
    I am so glad you started your blog!! Now I am following you!
    Love the coat, especially darts for bodice and sleeves;)

  2. Herzelein, die Jacke ist ein Traum und diese tolle schleife an der bluse...hach!!!

  3. hello, what a beautiful blog you have! I love all the things you've made so far :)


  4. Just wanted to say I like your work very much! :) I also started my first blog a few days ago and I hope it will be as half as good as yours! :)

  5. Meine Mama und ich wüssten gerne, wann du einen Online-Shop eröffnest? Wir hätten gerne alles, 2x :)

  6. Thank you girls for your lovely comments! This lightens even a grey, rainy day! :-*

  7. Hi I found your blog from burdastyle. I love your version of this blouse. I made it myself, but got confused about the collar. Did you find collar instructions confusing? love the colour on you.

  8. I found you through Burdastyle. I love the bow tie colar blouse! And the jacket looks so nice with it, too.


  9. Ton manteau est superbe, la coupe est délicate et très féminine...
    (et ça y est, tu as trois langues différentes dans tes commentaires!!)


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