Inspired by Coco Chanel

Got the latest issue of BurdaStyle magazine some days ago and am so delighted because it contains a pattern I was looking for some time already. Tadaaa! A Chanel inspired boxy jacket. I guess this is a piece which needs to be in any chic wardrobe.

Jacket BurdaStyle 11/2010       Background Vintage Damask

Unfortunately, I still have some projects on my sewing list, but I will definitely try to get this one done, at the latest for christmas! By the way! Did anybody read "Coco Chanel: The Legend and the Life"? I am looking forward to this book, but it has not been released in Germany, yet.

Have a wonderful sunday everybody!


  1. Definitiv ein sehr schönes, klassisches Teil! Das kannst du auch noch zu deiner goldenen Hochzeit tragen ;)
    Ich leih dir auch meine "Chanel"-Tasche von Mango!!
    Bin gespannt wann du die Jacke fertig hast, machst du sie auch mit den Palietten an Kragen und Ärmeln?

  2. Na, wenn ich dann noch diese Figur habe! ;)
    Danke! Auf die Tasche werd ich bestimmt mal zurückkommen. Die ist echt wunderschön.
    Mit den Pailetten bin ich mir noch nicht so sicher. Vielleicht setz ich die Ränder auch nur mit einem anderen Stoff ab und nähe eine Spitze drauf. Und ich bin auch immer noch unschlüssig mit der Farbe!

  3. I was thinking about this pattern too! It´s also in my old issue of Burda, though a bit different, 10/2009 (a year ago!). At first I thought I´m too young for this kind of jacket, but maybe not really :). I usually like longer jackets, so I´m not sure. I didn´t read the book, but saw the recent film and liked it a lot. Jana

  4. I think that young girls can wear these jackets, too. You can, for example, combine them with a pair of good looking, neat jeans, so that the whole look becomes more casual. I think we should go for! :)
    p.s.: I saw your art work. You are really artistic! Wish I could draw like that! ;)

  5. Oh thank you! Well, I wish I was better. I´m quite impatient and lazy :). J.


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