I know it is quite too early...

...but indeed, I am already thinking about what to give to whom for christmas! And frankly speaking, I already have 3 of the presents!...I know how crazy that must sound. But I like to be well prepared and I love making gifts. Anyway, while thinking about that I also thought about what I would like to get myself. 
As you might already know, I learned sewing mainly from my mother. But actually, my father is very creative, too! He has made a lot of our furniture himself. So I came to think about all those lovely knobs from Anthropologie. Aren't they just adorable!

 Anthropologie - Hardware - Knobs

And suddenly the idea of some kind of sewing closet, that I saw somewhere, some time ago, leaped into my mind and I tried to sketch it:

I am totally sure. I wish for my father to make me this sewing closet out of solid pine, covered with clear acrylic lacquer in grey brown and my favorite 8 knobs you can see above. I love the idea that it is selfmade and that I can keep it forever as something my father build for me.
So it was, actually, good to think about christmas already, as this closet might take some time and you know "Rome wasn't build in a day!".


  1. danke dir! und ist die eule nicht klasse? ;)

  2. This is perfect! Wow, I would like to have a similar closet myself :)
    Jana (Burdastyle janul)


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