Fell in love with Stockman

I have been wanting a mannequin for some months now. And I want it even more after seeing all the draping in the "Signé Chanel" documentary. Making my very own designs on a dressform is just like a dream to me.

So I have been searching the internet because I hardly knew anything about dressforms and dressform makers. I searched all around the globe since I did not really like the German ones which are very often adjustable. I went for Fabulous Fit in the US, Kiiya in Japan, but in the end discovered the Stockman in Paris. Handmade mannequins since 1867! And the prêt-à-porter mannequin is very near to my body size.
I also found the following video (again an Arte production), which shows the making of these mannequins (unfortunately it is available in German only):

I just fell in love with those and cannot wait to have my very own one. Hopefully, I will have enough money by the end of the year! I know, it is quite expensive, but anyway, it is a lifetime investment, isn´t it?


  1. Definitiv eine Investition fürs Leben!
    Bin schon ganz gespannt, wenn ich sie mir bei dir angucken kann! :)

  2. Ich bin auch sooo gespannt...aber da müssen wir uns noch ein wenig gedulden! :)


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