Hoot Hoot - Recycled Frame Bag

This is a small recycling project. My boyfriend bought me a bag in Spain some years ago. Unfortunately the off-white canvas could not be washed because of the bag's leather frame. So I decided to tear it apart, buy a new fabric and use that really nice leather frame again. 
Somehow I was in a funny mood and ended up with this cute owl fabric (Kokka). The blue in the owls matches the blue leather frame perfectly. 

Final result: casual owl bag to go! hoot hoot


Inspired by Mathilde's Pantalon Alfred

About a month ago Mathilde from Paris uploaded her project "Pantalon Alfred" on BurdaStyle Community. I fell in love with her version of some trousers (BurdaStyle Magazine 06/2010), at once. Although I had this edition for months already, I had not noticed it in the magazine. But her aubergine colored version was just perfect in my view. That is why I tried to sew my own one. 

Sorry for the photos being a little dark.
These trousers have some pleats on the side of the high-waist. I had to do several fittings and narrow them because somehow they got too boxy at the hip. I am not too sure about how they fit me, but they are quite comfortable and I love the curvings at the trouser legs.
As you can see on the last photo I used contrasting cotton fabric for the trouser legs and also for the pockets.


Vanilla Sky Moment

Just wanted to share a precious moment with you! Do you know that inspiring painting by Claude Monet called "The Seine at Argenteuil". When I looked up into the sky, while taking a walk outside, I saw this wonderful vanilla sky and had to think of it immediately.

That just made me smile and reminded me how beautiful and precious every moment can be.

I wonder what the sky looks like at your place right now.


crochetie: Faux Fur Earmuffs Giveaway!

Following a link of one of my most favorite blogs! Stop by and have a look at crochetie's beautiful emorie line and enter her giveaway! These earmuffs are so lovely and seem to be very good for the upcoming cold days!

crochetie: Faux Fur Earmuffs Giveaway!: "More pics here. More pics here. More pics here. Hello! How was your weekend? I packed my stuff for the trip to Thailand:) Oh yes, I am s..."

Inspired by Coco Chanel

Got the latest issue of BurdaStyle magazine some days ago and am so delighted because it contains a pattern I was looking for some time already. Tadaaa! A Chanel inspired boxy jacket. I guess this is a piece which needs to be in any chic wardrobe.

Jacket BurdaStyle 11/2010       Background Vintage Damask

Unfortunately, I still have some projects on my sewing list, but I will definitely try to get this one done, at the latest for christmas! By the way! Did anybody read "Coco Chanel: The Legend and the Life"? I am looking forward to this book, but it has not been released in Germany, yet.

Have a wonderful sunday everybody!


Hokkaidô Pumpkin Soup - My favorite Autumn Recipe

Still in autumn mood I want to share my favorite seasonal recipe. Hokkaidô Pumpkin Soup! I really hope that some of you try it because it tastes soo delicious and is a real explosion of different tastes. In addition to that I do love its color! Have a look:

What you need:  

1 hokkaidô pumpkin (0.8-1.2 kg),
1 or 2 apples,
1 onion,
butter or oil,
0.6-0.7 litre of stock,
some ginger spice, curry, chili powder, salt and pepper (season to taste),
some sherry (yes, sherry! but not too much!),
60 ml sour cream

 What to do:
  1. Clean the pumpkin, cut it in half and get rid of the seeds with the help of a spoon. Then cut the pumpkin into several cubes.
  2. Clean the apple and peel the apple and the onion. Then cut both into small cubes.
  3. Heat the butter or oil in a cooking pot and start to stew the mixture of apple and onion. After a while add the pumpkin cubes and stew them, too.
  4. Add the stock and cook it on small heat for about 15-20 minutes (cover your pot).
  5. Season to taste with all spices, add the sourcream and sherry and puree it e.g. with a mixer. 
  6. Taste it again and perhaps add some more spices.
  7. Enjoy it! 
Please let me know if you tried this soup. I am curious to know what you think of it! By the way what are your favorite autumn recipes?


Jour d'automne - Part II

Is it monday again?! Let's hope for a good and creative new week! 
 I just wanted to add some photos of my new coat, because the color did not show up very well in the last one.
 Wish you all a good start into this week! And hopefully the weather is better at your place (here, it is a 7°C, grey and rainy day ...brrr...)!

P.S.: Somehow I do have a grumpy facial expression on these photos (though I was not grumpy at all!)! I definitely have to work on that! So please forgive me!  ♥


Jour d'automne

So it seems that autumn has arrived. Leaves are turning yellow, brown and red. Unfortunately, it has been getting really cold these days and I fear, that I finished this coat too late! But nevermind, spring is surely returning (...next year...).
This is the first coat I created myself. I used several patterns and combined them and I am quite satisfied with the result. I especially love the collar. I had this collar on my mind for quite some time and drafted it myself by several trials and errors. In the end it turned out just as I had imagined and I am glad about all that effort it took me.
As I could not find matching buttons I decided to make them myself with the left fabric.
So this is my version of a classic, romantic autumn coat. 

Another project I just finished is this lovely blouse from the "Wanderlust" line of BurdaStyle magazine 10/2010 (model 118B). 
I love the big bow and it makes up for a scarf very well. Unfortunately the fabric does not show up well in these photos, but it is a nice warm little-checked cream-brown cotton fabric, which I got on sale for only 5 Euro. Lucky me!

Background: Vintage Damask http://lostandtaken.com


I know it is quite too early...

...but indeed, I am already thinking about what to give to whom for christmas! And frankly speaking, I already have 3 of the presents!...I know how crazy that must sound. But I like to be well prepared and I love making gifts. Anyway, while thinking about that I also thought about what I would like to get myself. 
As you might already know, I learned sewing mainly from my mother. But actually, my father is very creative, too! He has made a lot of our furniture himself. So I came to think about all those lovely knobs from Anthropologie. Aren't they just adorable!

 Anthropologie - Hardware - Knobs

And suddenly the idea of some kind of sewing closet, that I saw somewhere, some time ago, leaped into my mind and I tried to sketch it:

I am totally sure. I wish for my father to make me this sewing closet out of solid pine, covered with clear acrylic lacquer in grey brown and my favorite 8 knobs you can see above. I love the idea that it is selfmade and that I can keep it forever as something my father build for me.
So it was, actually, good to think about christmas already, as this closet might take some time and you know "Rome wasn't build in a day!".


Fell in love with Stockman

I have been wanting a mannequin for some months now. And I want it even more after seeing all the draping in the "Signé Chanel" documentary. Making my very own designs on a dressform is just like a dream to me.

So I have been searching the internet because I hardly knew anything about dressforms and dressform makers. I searched all around the globe since I did not really like the German ones which are very often adjustable. I went for Fabulous Fit in the US, Kiiya in Japan, but in the end discovered the Stockman in Paris. Handmade mannequins since 1867! And the prêt-à-porter mannequin is very near to my body size.
I also found the following video (again an Arte production), which shows the making of these mannequins (unfortunately it is available in German only):

I just fell in love with those and cannot wait to have my very own one. Hopefully, I will have enough money by the end of the year! I know, it is quite expensive, but anyway, it is a lifetime investment, isn´t it?


Signé Chanel on Arte

Last week Arte (a french-german collaboration) showed a documentary called Signé Chanel. This 5 episode long documentary showed the whole creation process of an haute-couture collection in the year 2004-05. Starting with sketches drawn by Karl Lagerfeld the documentary introduces the house of Chanel in Rue Cambon and its dressmakers. It gives great insight into all the steps from sketch to draping, to choosing the right fabric and fitting. It really is amazing to watch this versatile handcraft and I admire all the dressmakers for their patience and their desire for perfection. If it were possible I would love to go there just to watch them work and get a feeling for their techniques.
But please watch it yourself!

And did you know about all these tailor superstitions? I certainly did not! But it is so interesting and I wonder where it comes from! In case you did not watch the whole documentary here is a short summary of what Mme Cécile (Première d'atelier) said:
  • a knot in the tape measure: there is work to do
  • to knock over a box of pins: there will be an argument
  • to drop scissors: bad news
  • hurt your hand with a needle: each finger has its own meaning (right hand: work; left hand: heart)
    • thumb: happiness
    • forefinger: trouble
    • middle finger: love
    • ring finger: letter
    • little finger: farewell
Do you know any more tailor superstitions?


Let me introduce myself

Before I really get started with my blog, I would like to tell you a little about me.
I have been sewing every now and then in my teens, but it was only last year´s summer when I really got obsessed with sewing. I became a member of BurdaStyle community and started to post my projects there. Then one day, I received a mail from Alden Davis (BurdaStyle) and was honored to be featured member. Following you can read my interview and get to know me a little better:

1. Where are you from and/or where do you live?
I was born in Germany, but one might say that I am also from Taiwan. My father is German and my mother is Taiwanese. Also I have always spent my summer vacation in Taiwan because I have a huge family over there. So I feel like coming from 2 different countries.
I live in Dinslaken, which I guess is unknown to the world. Nevertheless it is a nice and calm place and it is part of the European Capital of Culture 2010.

2. What was the 1st thing you made? How did you start sewing?
That must have been in my childhood. I think it was a simple heart-shaped pin cushion for my mother. Today, I would never sew a heart-shaped pin cushion again!…hearts and needles just do not go well together!

I started sewing thanks to my wonderful mother. She used to sew clothes for herself and our family since I am able to think and remember. The noise of a sewing machine always reminds me of my childhood. She is my sewing teacher and I owe her all of my sewing skills. I really appreciate her advise because of her great sewing experience. I can always ask her for help when having a sewing problem. So it seems that she simply infected me with this sewing fever.

3. What role does sewing play in your life?
Sewing has taken over a huge part of my life. For a long time I did not know what kind of thing I was “good” in or what would make me really happy while doing it. I feel like finally I found something that was always inside me, but I had not noticed or, better said, forgotten about. I paused sewing for a couple of years. But since last year, whenever I can spare time, I spend it with sewing. I can forget about everything while creating something new and it simply makes me happy. I guess, that is the most important part of it.

4. What is your favorite and what is your least favorite thing about sewing?
I have 3 favorites! 1. Combining a project I would like to try with a matching fabric. (Though I need to get better in that.) 2. Cutting the fabric into the pattern pieces. (Because this means I am going to get started and that makes me excited.) 3. Wearing the finished garment!
My least favorite things is to undo seams because that means that I have done something wrong.

5. If you could make something for anyone who would it be and what would you make?
Hhm, that is a difficult question. Actually, I cannot think of anyone famous. If I were able to sew hats, I would make lots of them for my boyfriend because he is so into them. Maybe one day I should give it a try.

6. What are you looking for on our site? What do you think should be improved and what do you really like?
I love this site and I am so glad, that equal-minded people from all over the world have the opportunity to share their creations. Thanks to you BurdaStyle Team! There is not really anything to improve, but I think it would be nice to have the possibility to search for members by location, so that one could meet with others living nearby.

7. What is your motto?
My motto is a haiku (Japanese poem) by Issa. Translated in English it goes somehow like this: “Snail, very, very, slowly climb Mount Fuji.” One of the slowest creature on earth tries to climb the highest mountain of Japan. For me this means never to give up and be persevering and diligent, as it is possible to reach every goal, though that might take some time. This also applies to sewing! haha

If you would like to see more of my past projects please follow the link to my projects on BurdaStyle:


Starting a blog...

I am so excited about starting a blog. At first I was a little afraid because I am no good with computers, but it was far easier than I had imagined!
So here I am, though a little desperate about what to post first.
I want this blog to become a creative and inspirational place, blogging about my sewing projects, maybe a little about daily life and beautiful things that inspire me.

So I decided to start this blog with some of my favorite self-sewed projects. My personal top 7 so to speak! ;)

1) Seaside Wenlan Blouse
2) Go High-Waisted Velvet
3) Go Parisienne

 4) Big Checked Grey Dress
5) Mossy Bow Shorts
6) On the sidelines - Twinkle Sews
7) I like Dots and Bows
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