Springtime = flowertime - Moss skirt - Grainline

Good Sunday everybody. Hope you have had a nice and relaxing weekend. 
Mine was sunny. A few life changing things happened last week, but I will tell you in some future posts. ;-) 

Today, I want to share my moss skirt. Some of you might have seen it a few days ago on instagram already.

It's springtime, so I was really in need of some cute skirt. Then, Moss Skirt  pattern popped into my mind. I have always been a huge fan of sewing patterns by grainline studio. Professional patterns and instructions - but what I appreciate the most is, that all of those patterns are totally wearable in everyday life. I already tried Tiny Pocket Tank and Archer Button Up Shirt and none of these garments became one of those hiding in my cupboard.

Let's get back to the skirt! I found this interesting fabric as a remnant on the Dutch fabric markets and fell in love immediately. The color and photo realistic print caught my eye. Aren't these rose colored flowers just nice? 
It was not specified, but I guess it is a cotton blend. It is slightly elastic and medium weight. 

As already mentioned, the pattern was very clear and good to follow. Main difficulty during this project was print matching. I wanted to make it as perfect as possible, although I had to waste a lot of this beautiful fabric, just to get the right matching parts for skirt front and back.
Tadaaa! It worked and I am so happy. Only downside, I did not have enough fabric to also match the upper part of skirt back with bottom part...but that is OK. :-)

Have you tried Moss Skirt, yet? I believe in endless possible variations and will surely make up some more for this year.
Here comes my top three on the blogosphere:

Have a good week ladies! :-*


Hanami Kimono Jacket

Spring has finally taken over. Everybody loves this season, right?
Days are getting longer and the sun fills everybody up with new energy and motivation! 

So back again with a new project. Hanami kimono jacket! :-) 

It is a loose fitting open jacket. The pattern itself is made out of very geometric pieces. You can see this more clearly in the last photo at the end of this post.

Unfortunately, I cannot share this pattern with you. I made this one based on a jacket already in my closet. I liked the shape a lot, but the fabric of the original simply did not fit me. So I opted to copy it! ;-) 

The chosen fabric is a linen blend. It is stiffer than the original, which I think fits well to this geometric shape.

Do you ever sew garments based on purchased cloths?
If yes, how do you proceed? I pin foil on the several pattern pieces and track the seams with a marker. How about you?


Flora - Pleasure to meet you! By Hand London

Back with something exciting to share! :-) 

The lovely ladies from By Hand London finally released another beautiful pattern called Flora and "YAY", I was one of the lucky seamstresses asked for pattern testing! Thanks Charlotte, Elisalex and Victoria! You ladies rock!

This has been my first pattern testing! So exciting. I really put my best efforts to pay attention on every little step, so that I could give better feedback. Usually, I am more like the quick sewing type of girl. I carefully copy a pattern and then try to sew all pieces together only really reading when definitely necessary. 

Anyway, back to the pattern. Flora comes in 4 variations, actually. You can choose from 2 different sleeveless bodice variations, either faux wrap style or tank bodice with square neckline. And combine with either dipped or straight circle skirt.

I fell for the faux wrap style bodice and the dipped hem circle skirt. 
And here is my 'flamenco' Flora:

The fabric is crepe from John Kaldor. Received this beautiful piece especially for the pattern testing from Susan of SEWBOX. Thank you so much Susan. I love it and will definitely stop by your shop in future again!

Ok, I did not plan to do a flamenco version, but this is pretty much what it turned out to be. And why not? This is definitely one of the spiciest pieces in my wardrobe!

Hope you enjoy it! All thumbs up for Flora!!! Spring is knocking on the door, so why wouldn't you give it a try?
Warm hugs,


oh la la - Chemisier Berthe

Winter already! Time is flying dear readers. 2013 is soon to end and I am looking forward for 2014 to start. It has been quiet around me for some time, but finally everything is getting better again and I am back on track. :-D

Want to share the only garment I finished during autumn...a summery top!
Anyway, this time it was not so much out of season because I was looking forward to a long ago planned and booked trip to Guadeloupe in November (will share some photos in next post...it was wonderful!).

Back to the top! Found it in a cute French pattern book called 'Made in France - Un été couture'. The pattern is called 'Chemisier Berthe'.

The pattern is quite nice. Although it has no bust darts, it fits well. As you may guess the book is written in French, but let me encourage you. I have had no more French language experience for almost 10 years. Anyway, besides trying to understand the instructions, detailed illustrations also helped a lot.

As usual I went for it without muslin...this time it would have been a help to realize, that this top is shorter than expected. Although I already added 2cm at the bottom, it was still a little short in my opinion. You can see on the photo of the back, that I added another piece of fabric in the end. It is ok, but still a little frustrating... ;-)
On the other hand I have been lucky with the collar. Please have a look how good the fabric pattern of the collar and of the top itself match. The collar pattern is even symmetric! I could say, that I did this on purpose, but honestly, it turned out by chance. :-)

You know about my passion for patchwork fabrics. I use them regularly for garments, even if they are middle weight cotton. Simply love the designs!
This time I was lucky. I found an Anna Maria Horner fabric called 'Tomato Field Study' in rayon. Perfect texture for this top.  

I have been long long gone from the sewing community. So many things to catch up and so many new patterns to discover!
See you soon! 


Named - Blair Batwing Shirt

A new independent pattern company - Named
What can I say? I love their simple and clean Scandinavian designs and I am so happy, that finally some Finnish designers joined the community!

First pattern that caught my eye is their 'Blair Batwing Shirt'. I always fall in love with comfy patterns like this one at very first sight.

Loose fitting, wide sleeves and dropped shoulders characterize this very easy pattern.

Is the polka dots era over, yet?...well, I still love them!
So I chose this middle weighted grey jersey with black dots.

Actually, there is not much more to add. As pure and simple the pattern, as pure and simple the description!

Maybe one more thing about the printable pattern itself. I really liked, the way the pattern pieces were overlapping. That saves a lot oft paper! :-) 

And lookie here! Really want to share with you this wonderful piece of jewellery! I found it on etsy at TheAngryWeather. Perfect accessory for all sewing fanatics. BIG LOVE!!!

Have a nice week everybody.


Poncho Smock - Nani Iro

Something new!...I have had this veeeery light weight cotton in my fabric stash for almost a year already. I bought it on etsy, because I loved the various Chinese style paintings on it (view below for a detailed photo). But I always have the same problem with light weight, slightly transparent fabrics. What am I going to do with it?
The idea came while I was sleeping. Yes, sometimes I use to dream of sewing. Have you ever had something like that? Most of the time it is nonesense and I cannot really remember the content. But this time, I woke up and knew I had to get my NaniIro pattern book from the book shelf.

In my opinion, I found the perfect pattern! Poncho smock. Very easy, only 2 pieces pattern. I remember, when I first saw that pattern, I was not very impressed. But now I am so so in love with this, also thinking about how I could perhaps modify it to have longer sleeves for autumn!

Coming back to the blouse...The pattern motif was actually against the straight grain, with fewer illustrations at the top and full motif explosion on the bottom. That is why I decided for a less exciting back.

Look at all the drawings! It has everything I like: parrots, fish, tiger, tea cup...waaaah. And everything combined in one piece of fabric! I am so excited. How about you? Is it overdose?

Have you ever made anything from the Nani Iro Pattern Book? I like their fabrics a lot, but also their patterns (all loose fitting) have something very comfortable. I like the one on the front a lot, too. Remember, I made it two years ago? Time flies girls!!!


Latecomer - Banksia...Nice!

Good Sunday everybody. Hope you are having such a lazy time as I have! ;)

Not that there is nothing to do...but it is fine to keep things slow from time to time, isn't it?
Anyway, at least I have been able to take some photos of my Banksia. Promised already some time before...sigh... but here we go!

The Bankia pattern by Megan Nielsen is available for more than one year already, I guess. I saw lots of versions by my favorite bloggers all arround the world. But somehow it took me quite a while, before I decided to purchase this pattern. Now, I do not regret a thing! The collar is adorable and the whole instructions easy to follow.

Only downside with my version is the delicate fabric I used...I cannot even say what proper material it is. On the bolt, it simply stated 'blouse fabric'...hmm...anyway, it is lightweight and nice to wear, but it is very difficult to handle while sewing. There is definitely some synthetic included, which makes the fabric stretch slightly. This made me crazy sewing the placket. You will well see all the wrinkles arround the placket. I tried that one several times and even ironing did not help.

Anyway, I will wear this one with pride! ;) Next version will be definitely cotton. :D

Wishing you all a beautiful Sunday with love, family, friends and good food!!!


Dresser painting - Jade

Today I want to share some home craft! 

After deliberating a lot, I finally decided to paint my dresser in jade color. I have had a lot of ideas on mind. For example, covering the whole dresser with fabric, but thinking about dust and things like that, having a traditional paint is simply more practical.

As the dresser was totally untreated, I started with a primer first. 
After two days that was completely dry and I sanded the whole dresser.

Last, I used jade color painiting to cover all visible parts! DONE!

Wow, that sounds so easy, but actually I needed three whole days (without counting days to dry)!!! Further, I should have color painted it, at least, one more time, but  was too lazy. 
I will wait for the color to be distressed. ;)

Have a wonderful sunday everybody!


Archer button up shirt...a dream come true!

Hey there! Hope you are all doing fine and having such wonderful summer days as we finally have!

I have fallen in love with a new pattern! Archer button up shirt by grainline. Wow,...my absolute favorite blouse pattern. 

I know this is not so summery, but it is perfect for the office with freezing cold airconditioning and cooler summer evenings. 

I chose a lightweight cotton in creme with little circles in blue and brown. 

Further, I added these wooden buttons. To put one on the outer edge of the pocket was the idea of my mama. Ah, she is genius! ;)

But, coming back to the pattern, this blouse has a perfect loose fitting. Neither extremely oversized nor too tight.

The pleat at the back allows extra room for moving without leaving you with a huge back.
As I mentioned in earlier posts, I am usually not a great fan of standard blouse collars. I use to feel very conservative wearing that, but this one is fabulous. Not so large and stiff.

So this is how I will leave for office tomorrow! I truely recommend this pattern. It is extremely well drafted and the instructions are easy to follow. 
I am pretty sure, this pattern will become an evergreen in my pattern collection!

Have a good summery week everybody. 


Tania Culottes

Here we go! Tania culottes from Megan Nielsen Breakwater Collection, finished just in time for one of the rare summer weekends of this year! :D

I am so in love with this culottes. I always like practical things, thus a shorts, which actually look like a skirt is just perfect for me.

The patten is actually very simple and the instruction were clear and easy as usual with Megan's patterns. A big recommendation from my side for this summer!

Anyway, I have had one problem, which I guess, I caused myself. I have not found anybody on the blogosphere having the same issue. So maybe you girls can help me?
I attached the skirt to the waistband and finished it. But when I tried the culottes on, I had two overhang parts at the backside hem (see photo below for approx. area).  I put the culottes off and went through every step of the instruction. But I simply cannot find the mistake! Finally, I ended up straightening the hemline

The result is wonderful, but I really need to find out, what I did wrong. If you have any idea, please let me know, so that my next culottes won't need straightening!

Thanks a lot and have a nice and summery week everybody!


Last minute call...and life update

Hey girls...
I know it is high time, but just wanted to leave a short message to those who might have not heard the news, that Google Reader is shutting down on July 1st...TOMORROW! So if you use Google Reader to follow me, consider switching over to Bloglovin'. I have been using it for quite a while already and would personally recommend it! Of course, feel free to use any other reader program you prefer. 
By the way, do you have any recommendation? I would love to know, how you follow your favorite blogs!

Further, a short update about my life. :)

Summer is still to come in Germany, at least I still hope so. We already had 3 really hot summer days (which I had to spend in an exhibition hall for work...sigh)...then it turned cold again...So all my summer dresses, tops, bottoms stayed in the closet so far...but we won't let the weather get us down, right?

Further, I have something new for our home! My father kindly spend a lot of effort and time to fulfill me a little dream! He made me the honeycomb shelves from a beautiful mess
I love them. They are a little smaller than the original to fit our small living room, but they are perfect to display little memories and plants!

Last, but not least I want to share with you my next sewing projects! Caught between summer wishes and more springy reality, I will be up with two new projects the next week.

Tania culottes from megan nielsen patterns.

And an Archer Button up Shirt from grainline! So don't miss out to change from google reader to a new one, if you have not done that, yet!


Big hugs to BY HAND LONDON...sew sorry for being late...

First of all, thank you girls for following my blog reanimation...I am slow, but definitely catching up! :D

This post shall be a big homage to the girls of BY HAND LONDON. I have been following their start up from the very beginning and as the very first patterns were finished, Elisalex contacted me and asked, whether I would like to try one or even both of their patterns...I was totally excited and asked for both of them. Very feminine shapes on both Elisalex dress, as well as Charlotte skirt, made me fell in love with those two at once.

Then, as you know,...ahhh...so much to do and such few time for sewing made me pause with my passion for months. I felt very bad not being able to provide them any feedback, but the patterns were always on my mind...and finally, I hope Elisalex can forgive me being THAT late, I have finished my first Elisalex!

I found this wonderful fabric from Anna Maria Horner for Free Spirit (cotton voile). Peacock's feathers on orange base..."buy me" it said. :)

Anyway, with full trust in the two ladies and due to only few sewing time, I opted to go for this dress without muslin. I started with the bodice and sleeves, knowing, that I would need to make up my mind concerning the skirt. Recommended for this dress is medium-heavy weight fabric. This totally makes sense in order to achieve a good fullness within the skirt. My fabric is more or less medium-light weighted, so I opted to ad more pleats to the front (all in all 6 pleats; 3 on each side facing the middle).

I also added a waistband to lengthen the bodice. And here I learned a lesson about muslins. Could have added the length to the bodice on a final dress, if I had only tried a muslin beforehand. ;)
Nevertheless, this is not too bad, I think.

What I like most about this dress, is the low and wide back. From other bloggers review, I have learned, that some have had problems with the neckline and shoulders not fitting, at first. I don't know why, but I was lucky, the bodice fit from the very beginning. Seems like I have a BY HAND LONDON bodice. ;)

All in all, this pattern is a dream. Very clear and easy to follow instructions on the technical side and a wonderfully designed pattern envelope on the personal side, make this a must have.

Thank you Elisalex, once more, for this lovely gift. I hope I could meet your expectations! ;)

Have a good week dear readers! Hope the summer has already arrived at your place!


Poppy Seed Kitchen

As you know already, I moved into a new apartment. So today's post is about sharing some interior.

May I present my kitchen highlight? Curtains made of Joel Dewberry's Poppy Seed fabric! 

I love the energetic red with some mint green and yellow. I tried to capture how beautifully warm the kitchen looks when morning sun shines through. 
Our kitchen is very basic with chess board patterned flooring, grey kitchen (sorry, not visible on the photos) and some wooden cupboards. That is why I really wanted to have colorful curtains.

As I had been very busy, I have to admit, that this sewing project has been a present from my dear mother! In anyway, I really wanted to share with you. 
I love them! Thank you so much Mama!!!

Wishing everybody a nice week!


Three in a row...

Ha! Another post...with photos taken last year already... ;)

I promised you another asymmetrical hemline project. After Roxanne from Victory Patterns and a self modified BurdaStyle loose blouse, I went for a simple sweater.

I like the 90s almost romantic grunge look of this woolen fabric.

For the pattern I copied a simple loose sweat shirt, made the sleeves more fitted and simply cut the asymetrical hemline right on the fabric...I admit, that has been courageous, as it could have gone bad aswell. So actually, I would rather suggest to cut the hemline on a pattern first and reconfirm, that it fits as desired.

So I welcome spring with this rose sweater! Please stay! :)
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